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Bearing Replacement Made Easy

Your motorcycle has anywhere from 20 to 50 roller bearings in it. That’s a lot of bearings! And we all take them pretty much for granted. That is, until one of them fails. It could be as minor as a noisy worn out wheel bearing or a squeaky suspension pivot, or as major as a failed transmission or crank bearing.

What happens when you have a bearing that needs replacing? If it’s an engine bearing, you have a lot of work to just GET to the bearing. With wheel or suspension pivots, it’s time to get out the big hammers and the drift punches and beat that sucker out of there. If you’re lucky, you won’t damage the part the bearing is in too much, or maybe smash a finger or two wailing away with your hammer.

Motion Pro has much more elegant solutions to bearing service than just beating on things like a caveman. We have a couple of different ways of dealing with removing and inserting bearings that can make your life simpler, easier and less dangerous.

First off, there are the Wheel Bearing Remover Sets. These are a split collet design that is available in a number of different sizes, both metric and American fractional. The split collet is inserted into the wheel bearing on the outside of the wheel, and then the driver rod is inserted from the other side, into the split in the collet. With the back of the collet supported, the driver rod is tapped into place to spread the collet in the bearing. Then using a mallet on the end of the driver rod with the collet over an open area, the bearing is easily pushed out of the hub. These kits are fast and easy to use, and very affordably priced.

Next up is the Blind Bearing Remover kit, the Big Daddy of bearing pullers. This kit can be used for wheel bearings, but where it really shines is the removal of bearings from blind holes, like those found in an engine or transmission case. The blind bearing puller works with a four-finger collet design that is spread out inside the bearing by a tapered inner lead screw. The collet is inserted inside the bearing, and the lead screw tightened to spread the collet. The included slide hammer assembly is then threaded into the collet and used to pull the bearing out. The kit comes with 8 different size collets to fit the most common size bearings. This is a more expensive tool than the split collet design, but it will pay for itself easily after a couple of jobs, saving you time and frustration. 

Worth an honorable mention here is the Swingarm Bearing Tool, a tool designed to help you install the most common sizes of needle and roller bearings in a swingarm. Due to the layout of the bearings in a swingarm, it is difficult to insert them in conventional ways, even using a hydraulic press. The Swingarm Bearing Tool uses a design with a threaded lead screw and several different size adaptors to easily install swingarm bearings.

Bearing service work is not the most common job for motorcycles or ATV’s, but when it comes time, having the right tools on hand will make a potentially aggravating job much easier. These tools and many other handy Motion Pro products can be found at your local dealer, or on the web at

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