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Plumas NF

I need your financial support ASAP. I need your donation and help to raise $10,000.00.

The Plumas National Forest (PNF) just released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on 12-29-2009. Comments are due within 45 days. The proven way to affect a reversal of the proposed trail closures (1300+ miles) is thru "substantive" comments submitted on behalf of OHV recreation. The Plumas NF DEIS and maps are linked below.

I am asking for your support, to fund the CORVA consultant, to write comments, on the Plumas NF DEIS.

Consultant authored 'professional' comments will provide additional tangible opportunities for appeal and litigation 'hooks.' We have no money to pay for professional comments, to be written on behalf of OHV recreation, on the Plumas NF. I must raise $5,000.00, this week to contract our consultant to write comments on behalf of CORVA, for the Plumas NF, DEIS.

I have been part of a group of 75+ volunteers that have stepped up to the plate, attended training to learn how to write effective, substantive comments, and will be writing comments on the Plumas NF, as I did on the Tahoe NF. Not everyone can commit the time and energy, but this is a way you can supplement enthusiast efforts by contribute and support those who do volunteer.

The attached example comments (see 'documents' at the bottom of this web page) sent to the Tahoe NF were funded by CORVA via project specific donations from local clubs and individuals.

CORVA is laying the necessary ground work for future litigation, should the funding become available. Until then, CORVA and an army of OHV activists are challenging the land management agencies in a way that they haven't seen before. This project has shown a quick tangible effectiveness outside of court, while building the case for litigation at the same time.

CORVA Comments Project Successes:
  • 800+ miles added back to the El Dorado NF Travel Management Plan thru grassroots efforts
  • Trained over 75 grassroots OHV activists how to write substantive comments.
  • Facilitated AMA-D36 hiring & submittal of consultant written comments to El Dorado NF (available upon request). The professional comments combined with effective OHV enthusiast comments changed the course of the Eldorado document.
    • While Dave Pickett and AMA-D36 funded and signed the professional (consultant written) comments that had appealable points, on advice of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, D36 failed to follow thru on appealable points that may have resulted in the designation of more routes, on the El Dorado NF.
  • Increased local enthusiast participation in effective activism over 500%
  • Submitted professionally written comments on the Tahoe NF, written by a retired Forest Service NEPA consultant. (see 'documents' at the bottom of this web page)
  • Partnered with Trails-In-Trouble to provide simple letter generator mechanism for internet submitted comments aka 'everyman' comments. These are leveraged with local legislators and volunteer groups. Provides vote based value, social community value, and activism entry point for enthusiasts. Available soon for the Plumas NF at

About California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) Comments Project:
  • CORVA has taken a proactive lead on educating enthusiasts to be effective activists, thru NEPA and Substantive Comment training. Trainings are targeted to OHV enthusiast comment writers and activists to make them more effective by teaching volunteers the 'rules' of NEPA and how to effectively change the course of the Environmental Impact documents.
  • Brought together over 50 CA grassroots organizations, regardless of recreation type, to focus, communicate and unify on common goals of more trails in a way that has never been seen before in California.
  • CORVA, an all volunteer organization, works with the local OHV enthusiasts facilitating contracts and support.
  • Funded thru local donations, individuals, groups and organizations.
  • The Chairperson is a Legal Technology Consultant, attending large trials all over the country. Providing Information Technology solutions to litigation teams and top law firms.

Make your check out today to:
CORVA. Please write "Comments Project-Plumas NF" in the comment line.
Note: This is not A tax deductible donation, as CORVA is a not-for-profit 501c7.


If you need the tax deduction, make the check out to the Nevada County Woods Riders, (a 501c3) Please write in the comment line "CORVA Comments Project-Plumas NF."

Send your check to me, Dave Wood.

Dave Wood
PO Box 815
Chicago Park, CA 95712

Kyra, CORVA Comments Project Chair & new AMA Dual Sport Congresswoman.

SAC summary of Effects of Alternatives on OHV   33.3 KB .pdf file
CORVA TNF Comments   2.82 MB .pdf file

The DEIS (459 pages):
Plumas Travel Management Web page:

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