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News from Slavens Racing

Our fellow dirt bike riders in Summit County, Colorado need your help. They are loosing a big battle with the tree huggers and need help to turn it around. Please help now. It does not matter where you live. Your comments will make a big difference and they will help you when you need it. Please write now!

Jeff Slavens

SCORR Newsletter


Things are coming down to the wire for our Tenderfoot Mountain trail system project - AND WE ARE LOOSING! Citizen's groups have organized against our project and the organizations below have received HUNDREDS of letters from people against our Tenderfoot Mountain project. They have sent letters to the entities below that need to hear from us:

  • Summit County Board of County Commissioners
  • White River National Forest
  • US Forest Service Dillon Ranger District
  • Colorado State Parks OHV Grant Program
  • Town of Dillon
  • Pease copy and paste the email addresses below into your "to" line in your email. These entities need to get hundreds of letters from our user group QUICKLEY!,,,,,,,,

Please title your email something like - Allow off road motorcycles on Tenderfoot Mountain please

Your letter does not have to be long and detailed but it does have to be respectful and from the heart. Here are a few topics to use in your letter - feel free to add your own:

  • In the County Master Plan, the area should remain open to motorized use because of the dispersed camping availability, hunting access, family and elderly and disabled access, as well as motorized recreation.
  • According to the Forest Service there is not any other area in Summit County with a significant amount of singletrack trails. The entire WRNF alternative "G" has only 67 miles of motorized singletrack and if this area is closed to motorized use there will be only about 50 miles in the entire WRNF and only 4 miles in Summit County in the Golden Horseshoe.
  • There are about 1400 registered OHV users that live in Summit County. We need a managed, legal place to ride locally.
  • SCORR is working with the Forest Service to look for compromise in the trail layout and orientation to mitigate noise and user conflict issues. The revised plan has no motorized trails within a half mile of any residence.
  • The concerns about the elk herd are mistaken because the elk summer at higher elevation than where the riding area will be and the carnivores follow the elk.
  • Give SCORR a chance to show that responsible off road motorcycling is possible and that the actions of a few irresponsible individuals does not define the whole user group.
  • Tell them what you like about riding on Tenderfoot Mountain.

PLEASE WRITE THIS LETTER TODAY! The Forest Supervisor in Glenwood Springs has said she will not sign off on ANY motorized use on Tenderfoot Mountain unless the violently opposed entities can be somewhat calmed. This may be your last chance to help us save this project or lose the riding area for good - possibly the last one in Summit County! Please forward email this to anyone who rides off road motorcycles!


Chuck Ginsburg - President
SCORR - Summit County Off Road Riders
phone 970-668-2125
fax 970-668-2125
cell 970-390-5600

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