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Revolver Variable Rate (VR) Throttle Kits

Motion Pro is proud to introduce the new Revolver VR throttle, an innovative new throttle system that sets the standard for adaptability and function. Professional racers, both on and off road, talk about throttle control and traction management to meet changing riding conditions and to control tire spinning. This is an important part of bike control, and if a rider can master this skill it becomes easier to get the best performance from their machine.

Experience is the best way to improve throttle control, but throttle sensitivity can be changed mechanically to suit riding conditions and rider preferences to great advantage no matter what your level of skill. For quite a few years experienced riders would simply install a throttle tube from another model motorcycle that would shorten or lengthen the twist of their throttle. But this was always a makeshift modification, and because the throttle was not designed to fit the tube, the cable angles were incorrect and the throttle would feel rough and notchy and cable wear was accelerated too.

Now, with the new Revolver VR Throttle kit by Motion Pro, you can tune your throttle to your desired performance settings, not unlike tuning your suspension or motor. The Revolver throttle includes 4 different size reels, in 5 mm diameter increments from 35 mm to 50 mm. This allows a user to change the twist of their throttle in approximately 10 degree steps to perfectly fit their riding style and conditions. The 50 mm Revolver reel is significantly larger than anything else commonly available and provides the fastest throttle rate. The Revolver cable elbows, part of our patent pending design, automatically adapt to the cable angle changes caused by the different reel sizes, ensuring buttery smooth feel and sensitivity. The cable mounting points on each throttle reel feature an innovative design that allows reels changes without readjusting the cables. No other throttle incorporates all of these innovative features.

The Revolver throttle is offered as a complete kit, tailored to each model motorcycle. The Revolver VR Throttle Kits include the Revolver throttle with 35, 40, 45, and 50 mm reels, Motion Pro black vinyl Revolver throttle cables, and a set of our completely redesigned medium density Motion Pro Road Control or Dirt Control grips. The new Motion Pro Revolver throttle cables are hand made with high quality materials and include the new tool-less billet aluminum adjusters that allow a user to fine tune the cable adjustments without having to pick up any tools. A complete list of spare or replacement parts is also available separately. We also offer an accessory billet aluminum throttle tube with removable end cap for off road riders that prefer an aluminum tube.

The Revolver throttle has been in careful development for several years and has been thoroughly tested and proven. Revolver VR Throttle Kits retail at $154.99, with all the quality and innovation that you expect from Motion Pro. For more information and a full list of applications visit us on the web at or call us at 650-594-9600. Motion Pro products are available from all major distributors.

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