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Motion Pro Micro Bleeders


Current front forks on motocross bikes offer a ton of various adjustments, compression, rebound, sometimes spring preload, or even separate high and low speed damping adjustments on some high end components. The suspension on an average bike these days is trickier than factory stuff from only a few years ago. Yet with all these advancements, front forks still don’t include an easy way to bleed built up air pressure.  The new Motion Pro Micro Bleeders solve this problem and provide a substantial improvement over the old aftermarket fork bleeders.

The air pressure inside your forks can vary depending on many conditions including temperature, fork position, altitude, etc. This air is sealed into your forks, essentially acting like an additional spring to the actual steel springs in your fork. If the pressure is too high in your fork, it can feel harsh, be resistant to full travel, lack sensitivity, and damage the fork seals.

On most modern dirt bike forks there is small screw that can be removed to vent excess pressure before you go riding. But you want to go ride, you don’t feel like getting a screwdriver out and taking screws in and out. It’s even worse if you loosen that screw and then the pressure blows it out of the fork and into the bushes behind your truck (don’t ask we know) ).  So this task usually gets neglected, and your suspension performance suffers.

The New Motion Pro Micro Bleeders are simple and easy to use, allowing you to quickly and easily vent the pressure in your forks with the press of a button.  This function greatly improves suspension performance, and makes transporting your bike easier and safer because you can release the pressure when your forks are compressed by tie downs and thereby save your fork seals from being damaged.

Standing just 10mm from the top of the fork cap, the super-lower profile of the Micro Bleeders won’t interfere with the handlebar or hand guard set up, and the stainless steel body on the Micro Bleeders is stronger and more corrosion resistant than aluminum bodied bleeders and feature a laser engraved anodized aluminum pressure release button.  The innovative design of the Micro Bleeders allows them to be installed easily with a simple flat blade screwdriver with no fumbling around trying to get an open end wrench into a tight spot between bar mounts and control cables.

There are three versions of the new Micro Bleeders, one to fit most Japanese MX bikes, and two models for KTM’s and other bikes that use the WP fork, one for standard forks, and one for the preload adjustable forks.

At $14.00 suggested retail, the Micro Bleeders are something that everyone with a motocross or dual sport bike should have and provide a great and inexpensive way for your customers to upgrade their suspension.  The new Micro Bleeders are available from your favorite Motion Pro dealer, or check them out on the Motion Pro website at

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