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Donation appeal - Utah Shared Access Alliance

On Friday April 3, 2009, SUWA, a local radical wilderness organization, was able to officially introduce a 9.4 million acre wilderness bill into Congress (read the bill on the web at Our community must decide to unite and defeat this bill or roll over and let them shut down about 40% of all the BLM managed land in Utah. You must decide for yourself what you are willing to allow. Join us and work to stop this abuse or do nothing and allow it to be crammed down our throats. You choose, either way we will do all we can to stop it, but without broad and generous support from the community we may be too late. With the needed support we know we can beat this bill and other ill designed efforts by these greedy and radical organizations.

I am writing to ask for your help to protect your access to the mountains and deserts of Utah. USA-ALL has been actively engaged in defending your ability to recreate responsibly on public land since 1999. Radical Environmental organizations work every day to close roads and trails. If they succeed you and your family will no longer be able to easily access and fully enjoy these special places. USA-ALL has stopped many of the misguided efforts of these organizations. We plan to continue our work with your help. We have advocated for your wants and needs to elected officials and government employees very effectively. We love serving you by working to protect your access to public lands. We don't love asking you for donations but the truth is that without your financial support USAALL couldn't accomplish all that it has or all that it needs to accomplish.

Changes to public land access are more threatening now than ever before. We are certain that these changes will impact you and your ability to access public land in Utah. Your donations have never been needed more. It is imperative that USA-ALL be in a position to counter the attacks that are sure to come. Wilderness proponents are licking their chops at the best opportunity they have ever had of locking up over 9 million acres of land in Utah as Wilderness. That Wilderness designation will mean the permanent closure of roads, trails, and even campsites. It will mean the loss of access that will harm hundreds of thousands of Americans. Your donations will prevent this from happening and will directly result in keeping Utah public land open.

In addition to beating SUWA's wilderness bill we have identified 3 areas of focus we will use to guide our efforts and activities throughout 2009. These areas of focus will help protect your access to public land. The focus areas are:
1) To better educate elected officials and represent our members' positions.
2) To empower user groups with tools and resources to fight local battles.
3) To improve the image of motorized recreationists and demonstrate we are true environmentalists.

These areas of focus are of key importance. We also will continue to engage in fighting closures and protecting open areas. We are specifically interested in stopping greedy wilderness designations and also convincing congress to resolve disputed rights of way in Utah. We have a very full plate for 2009 and the goals we have set for ourselves and our members are lofty. We know that with your help we can accomplish much good.

USA-ALL is now in it's 10th year of service to the multiple use community. The past 10 years has given us the experience and knowledge to succeed. The only thing that stops us from accomplishing the goals of our members is a lack of money. If all those that receive this letter respond with even a $20 donation we will be able to stop those organizations that would take away your opportunity to enjoy Utah's public lands. Please take a few seconds and send a donation to us in any amount because every dollar counts.

To give a donation you may do any of the following: call us at 801-830-9112, click on one of the donation buttons below, or go to our website (www.usaall. org) and donate with a credit card, check card, or echeck. Please don't ingnore this letter or set it aside and forget about our call for help, act now. We thank you for your continued support.

Michael Swenson
Utah Shared Access Alliance

USA-ALL is a 501 (c) 3 Charitable, non-profit organization your donations are tax deductible.

Donation of Any Amount:

1 Year Membership: $30

2 Year Membership: $50

3 Year Membership: $60

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