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  • 08-0531

    Fork Cap Tool for KYB, 49mm

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New KYB Fork Cap Tool

New Motion Pro Showa and Kayaba Fork Cap Tools

Showa: 08-0499
Kayaba: 08-0531
The new Motion Pro fork cap tools make servicing late model Showa and Kayaba cartridge forks easier and with less risk of expensive damage to the fork cap assembly.  The fork assembly on many modern motocross bikes features a twin chamber cartridge design with a two-part fork cap. There is the traditional outer cap that threads into the fork housing, and then an inner cap that carries the compression cartridge. This makes it very easy to service the fork, but it requires special tools.
The existing tool for this purpose is a flat wrench designed to hold the outer diameter of the cap and a cutout in the handle to index with the cartridge cap. To do the job with the existing tool one needs to use two of these wrenches, one to hold the cap and one to hold the center cartridge cap, and the design of the cutout on the wrench only partially engages with the cartridge cap, making it easy to slip and damage it. Since the fork cap assembly is available only as one part, damaging any part of it requires replacing the entire assembly, and can result in a very expensive parts bill.
The new Motion Pro Fork Cap tools make servicing modern Showa and Kayaba forks a snap. These innovative, patent pending tools consist of a two part 6061 billet aluminum assembly, with an outside component that engages the outer fork cap, and an inner part that provides complete contact with the cartridge cap. The two components can be used in several different configurations, whether removing the fork cap as a complete assembly, or removing the inner cartridge cap from the outer cap. The inner cap has a ½” square drive for use with socket tools and torque wrenches, while the outer cap has flats on the outside to be able to secure it in a vise for stable assembly or disassembly.
This tool provides a significant advance for servicing modern forks. Whether for a professional shop or a well-equipped home garage shop, this tool is a must have item for your toolbox! Go to for more information and to locate a dealer near you.

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