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CR Pro Throttle, 01-0053 & 01-0071


Remove the socket head screws holding the housing halves together and pull the housing apart.
Note: Do not lose the cable guide (C), it may fall out.
Insert the cable through the top half of the housing (B) and thread the cable adjuster in. Pull the inner
wire through the housing half and slide the cable guide (C) into position in the housing making sure that
cable is in the slot in the guide.
Place the throttle sleeve (D) onto the clean/lubed handlebar end. Insert the cable ball end into the slot on
the throttle sleeve drum and insert the sleeve into the housing top half. Hold the housing bottom (A) half
in place and check that the sleeve rotates freely and returns freely and fully to the stop at the throttle
off (idle) position.
Insert the socket head screws loosely. Turn the assembly to the desired position and tighten the socket
head screws evenly while retaining equal spacing (gap) between the housing halves at both sides of
the handlebar. Do not exceed 26 inch-pounds (3 Nm). Normally, the correct position is with the
cable running across the top and rear part of the handlebar.
Parts Available Individually:
P/N 01-0087 Throttle Sleeve

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