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Modifying the OEM GSXR Switch for use with the Revolver Throttle

Modifying the GSXR right side handlebar switch with Mode Button

This information relates to 2008-2009 Suzuki GSXR 600 and 750, and 2007-2008 Suzuki

GSXR1000 models. These models use a mode switch on the right hand handlebar housing to control various ECU settings. When installing the Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit, the Motion Pro Accessory Switch part # 11-0057 does not have the ability to replicate the function of the mode switch. Therefore, an owner of the above models must source another switch, or modify their stock switch, so that there is enough room on the handlebar for all of the controls that must be there, including the brake master cylinder, switch housing, and throttle assembly. Note: Modifying the stock switch assembly will reduce the width of the housing by approximately 15mm, but this will not be narrow enough to fit all of the components on the stock handlebar and still be able to fit the bar end. It is necessary to use longer aftermarket handlebars to be able to have enough room to use the Revolver throttle and the modified stock switch. To modify the stock switch assembly, you will be cutting off the now unused portion of the housing that used to locate the stock throttle tube.

First, the switches have to be removed from the housing. Remove the main screws that hold the two housing halves together and gently open the two halves. Be careful to not stress or damage the wires that run between the two halves. Remove the insulating cover in the lower half over the starter switch and remove the strain relief.

Pay attention to the routing of the wires, so that you can properly reassemble the switch when the housing modification is complete. Then remove the three screws in the upper half to remove the mode switch and engine kill switch.

Next, clip the zip tie holding the wiring harness to the housing, and remove the starter button assembly from the housing. Be careful not to cut the sheath or any wires when cutting the cable tie. Remove the switch assembly from the lower housing.

Now that the switches have all been removed from the housing, it is time to cut off the old throttle portion of the housing. The best method for cutting the housing is to use a band saw or table saw, but it is possible to cut it by hand using a hack saw if necessary. The most important part is to leave a little excess housing behind to be removed later, to avoid cutting into the switch part of the housing. This image illustrates where the cuts should go:

Be careful when cutting the housing and always wear safety glasses.

Once the excess housing is removed from both halves, the remaining part can be ground or filed off to complete the housing modification. We used a milling machine to remove the last part, but a file or a Dremel tool will work just as well.

Reassembly of the switch is the reverse of disassembly, be careful to properly route all of the wires inside the housing to make sure nothing will get pinched or kinked when the switches are reinstalled. Double check your work and the wire routing, and reinstall the switch on your bike. Go out and ride.

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