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  • 08-0134

    Torque Wrench Adapter

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Torque Wrench Adapter, 08-0134

The Motion Pro torque adapter wrench is designed to be used with a torque wrench to accurately tighten the cylinder base nuts on two-stroke engines that you cannot reach with a socket wrench.

How to use the Torque Adapter Wrench:


When you mount the adapter onto a torque wrench, it effectively lengthens the torque wrench. Therefore, the torque value set on the torque wrench will not be the actual torque that you apply to the fastener. Before using the torque adapter, you must recalculate the torque specification listed in the engine’s service manual. To recalculate your torque wrench when using the Motion Pro adapter, use the extension formula included with these instructions.
To make conversions from one form to another, use the following torque conversion table:
To recalculate a torque specification when using the
Motion Pro Torque Adaptor, use the following formula:

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