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  • 08-0292

    Blind Bearing Removal Set 8,10,12,15,17,20,25,30mm ID Brngs

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Blind Bearing Removal Set , 08-0292

Thank you for purchasing the Motion Pro Blind Bearing Remover. This tool will give you years of service if it is maintained and used properly. Please note the following tips that will make using this tool easier and prevent damage to it:

ï‚· Each collet size is specifically intended for one bearing size only. Warning: only use the specific collet size for the bearing that you wish to remove. Do not use any of
these collets on a bearing with a larger inside diameter (I/D) than the dimension of the collet as this will lead to failure of the collet. For example, use the 17mm collet on a 17mm I/D bearing, and nothing larger.
ï‚· Once the collet has been inserted into the bearing you wish to remove, only a small amount of torque is necessary to spread the collet and secure it inside the bearing. Use the following specs as a guideline:
o 8mm to 15mm collets: 15 ft-lbs maximum
o 17mm to 30mm collets: 25 ft-lbs maximum
ï‚· If these torque values will not properly secure the collet inside the bearing and it slips out while you are trying to remove the bearing from the case, DO NOT APPLY MORE TORQUE TO THE COLLET. There is another problem with the bearing you are trying to remove, such as corrosion or a locking agent. You may want to try applying heat to the case and then using the blind bearing remover again.
ï‚· Regularly disassemble, clean and regrease the threads and the taper in each of the collets.
ï‚· Use safety glasses when using this tool

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