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Tire Station, 08-0477


To use the Tire Station with an air tank:
1. Thread the short tie rod into the top ring assembly (the ring assembly with Tire Station decals) in a clockwise direction until all rods are even in height with 1 to 2 inches of threads showing. Thread the long tie rods into the base ring assembly (no decals) by turning the rod counter-clockwise (left-hand thread) until all three rods are at an equal height with about 1 to 2 inches of thread showing (Fig 1). Note: We recommend applying grease to the threads prior to assembly.
2. Place your air tank onto the base ring assembly (Fig 2). Set the top ring assembly over the top of the air tank. Adjust the top and bottom rods such that there is an equal amount of threads showing on the top and on the bottom, and the top and bottom rods are nearly touching each other (Fig 3). Note: The threaded rods must be screwed in a minimum of one inch into the ring assemblies in order to hold the tank securely.
3. Connect the top and base ring assemblies together with the locking collar, making sure that the locking collar is properly seated on the
threads and turns freely. Use a wrench to tighten the locking collar (15/16” or 24 mm open end wrench, or adjustable wrench) while securing the lower rod with a second wrench so that it does not turn (Fig 4).
4. Make sure your air tank is firmly clamped between the top and base ring assemblies by turning each of the three lower tie rod hex fittings.
Tighten each rod evenly, and not more than one full turn at a time, just enough to secure the air tank from moving inside the unit. Turning the tie rod in a counter clockwise direction will tighten the ring assemblies together and turning the tie rods in a clockwise direction will loosen them (Fig 5). Note: To prevent damage to your air tank do not over tighten.
5. Thread the center rod into the top ring assembly and the Tire Station is now ready for use (Fig 6).
To use the Tire Station without an air tank:
• To use the Tire Station without an air tank thread the short and long rods into the ring assemblies as instructed in Item 1 above, but continue to thread the lower rods in until each is bottomed out and tighten with a wrench in the bottomed out position. Note: We recommend applying grease to the threads prior to assembly.
• Attach the top and base ring assemblies together as described in step 3 above. The Tire Station is now ready to be used without an air tank (Fig 7).
For Transport:
Motion Pro recommends that you remove the center rod on the top ring assembly to avoid damage to the center rod during transportation.

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