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Destry's Endurocross Race Story (Ontario, Ca.)

September 15, 2012
Ontario, California

Race Day:
We had our track walk around 2:00 and the course looked like it was going to be a lot of fun! It actually reminded me of that Sacramento round that we raced earlier this year. There were some faster sections and I knew it would be some good racing. My first 5-minute practice I was on the tight side, but on the second practice I felt a lot better! We then had our hot lap for gate pick. I was pretty happy with my lap and was 7th fastest!

Heat 1:
It always seems like I'm in a stacked heat, but that just shows you how many great riders do this series! They took the top two right to the main, but I had Blazusiak, Robert, Rookstool, Lanza, just to name a few! I had a good jump, but both Taylor and Taddy went wide in the first corner and I tucked under them and grabbed the holeshot! I led the first lap and then Taddy got by in one of the rock sections. I was able to stay close the next couple laps and it helped me build up a nice gap on 3rd. I was able to take smooth lines and pull off a 2nd and transfer right to the main!

Main event:
Going into the main I was excited, because this was one of the best courses and I really thought I could be on the podium! I just needed a good start and felt I had the speed to be there! When the gate dropped I had an awesome jump and going into the first corner I felt I had a first or second place start. It was a right hander and when I was exiting it I got nailed by another rider and it put me on the ground. I had Taylor on my outside and my handlebar went into his front wheel which wasn't good either. Once I got going and restarted the bike I was dead last! I just started plugging away and by the halfway point moved into 8th and was right behind Brown. I was being more aggressive since that's all I could really do to have a shot at making up spots. I took a different line then Mike and was trying to make the pass, but my front end washed out and down I went! It took me a little bit to get up and get going again, but after that I never could catch back up and finished a disappointing 8th. 

Overall Summary:
I really did feel like this could be a great night for me, but going down in the first corner and starting last doesn't really help much! I felt great on the bike and even though I didn't finish where I wanted to it was a great time and I stayed safe for Germany! That was actually a big goal of mine too!

Main Event Results:
1st Taddy Blazusiak
2nd Cody Webb
3rd Justin Soule
4th Kyle Redmond
5th Taylor Robert
6th Coltan Haaker
7th Mike Brown
8th Destry Abbott
9th Ryan Rodgers
10th Gary Sutherlin
11th Jamie Lanza

Other Notes:
Now I'm writing my race story from Germany. I had to leave the morning after the race to get ready for this years ISDE. I'm really excited about our team (Caselli, Brown, Robert, Mullins, Bobbitt, and myself). 

I'll be posting updates on myself and the team (or having my wife do it for me:) You can check my Facebook fan page: 

Instagram: Destryabbott or Twitter:

It was great to see Justin Soule back at the races. He messed his shoulder up at round two and this was his first race back and he did pretty dang good too! My other teammate Bobby Garrison has had a tough year and had to miss this race due to an injury he suffered last week (WORCS). Bobby is a great guy and I hope he heals up quick! 

I have to thank Dave (Bobby's mechanic) for wrenching for me this weekend. I was going to have to prep my race bike last week, but since Bobby wasn't racing I ended up just racing his bike. Definitely saved me a lot of time and the 250f worked out awesome!

Best Wishes,

Destry Abbott

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