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Motion Pro and American Supercamp

A Match Made in Motorcycling Heaven

How can a school and a tool manufacturer have so much in common? The answer is motorcycles. Motorcycle riding schools get students from every aspect of riding. Some people just want to better their chances in urban traffic, others aspire for championships. Nearly everyone who rides wants to be better at it. In addition, it might be impossible to find someone who rides motorcycles that does not work on them. Even those of us that do not know how to rebuild an engine are generally comfortable changing oil, or doing light maintenance. Whether it is as simple as tightening a loose screw in a piece of body work or pulling our forks apart to replace the fork seals, working on your bike and riding your bike intertwine together. It is that partnership of working on bikes and riding bikes that brought American Supercamp and Motion Pro together.

American Supercamp is the brainchild of former dirt tracker and road racer Danny Walker. Danny raced at the top levels of competition in dirt track and road racing, having competed in the Grand National Dirt Track Series, AMA Pro Superbike, World Grand Prix 250, and the Suzuka 8 Hours, among many others. It was no secret that the top level racers were training on small dirt bikes. In Danny's eyes, sliding a smaller motorcycle around could help every rider. Unfortunately, the opportunity for the average street rider or aspiring racer wasn't there. So American Supercamp was born. The idea was simple, and has not changed much over almost a decade of mini-bike riding.

American Supercamp welcomes anyone who wants the chance to come ride and train with their experienced instructors. Aspiring racers and established pros have a noncompetitive place to work on their riding while a street rider can learn to prepare for the situations that sometimes arise when least expected. Avoiding the car that just pulled out in front of you on the street requires many of the same skills as throwing it into Turn Two at Laguna Seca. Either way, you're in deep!

The two-day schools provide everything a rider needs to improve on their skills. The instruction is top notch and everyone gets tons of riding in. But the real core to the school is the rock solid Honda CRF100. These bullet-proof motorcycles have a specially grooved rear street tire that allows for a smooth consistent slide of the rear of the bike. The smaller bikes have two distinct advantages as trainers.

First, any input from the rider has large impacts on the handling of the motorcycle allowing even less sensitive riders to get the feeling of how their inputs directly and indirectly affect the handling on the bike.

Secondly, 100cc motorcycles do not make for extreme speeds. While any motorcycle demands respect, the lower speeds allow students to push themselves beyond the limits of control they would normally be comfortable with. When you are talking about learning to control a sliding bike, crashing is a distinct possibility. Very few people instinctively know how to slide a motorcycle into a corner, scrubbing off speed with the brakes and the slide. That may be the real beauty of riding the little CRF, the chances of crashing 100 times and walking away are better than crashing once on a full size street bike.

Crashing is never fun, but sometimes it can teach you a lot, even if it is only how to avoid repeating the mistake that put you on the ground. But the consequences for the motorcycle can be tough. As bulletproof as a CRF100 is, student after student pushing a bike down into the dirt can take its toll. However, with the right tools repairing a motorcycle is much easier.

Motion Pro has been in business for over 20 years producing the best tools, cables and controls available for motorcycles and ATV's. Innovative thinking by Motion Pro's employees, most of whom ride and race themselves, have produced some of the most handy and convenient tools available, from shop tools for the pro, to trail tools for the off road rider. For example, no motorcyclist should underestimate the convenience of a nice set of T-Handles.

While a simple set of Motion Pro 8mm through 14mm T's will work for most people, Motion Pro also manufactures T-Handles with 1/4" drives, 3/8" drives, Allens, Phillips heads, and even ratcheting T-Handles. Regardless of how extensive your collection of tools might be, a basic set of T-Handles is a must. Unlike cheap knock off tools, genuine Motion Pro T-Handle Sockets and Drives carry a lifetime replacement warranty.

While a set of T-Handles makes working on just about any motorcycle more convenient, sometimes you need a tool that performs a specific function that only a motorcycle requires. For instance, the suspension on a dirt bike works very hard. As a result, suspension needs regular maintenance. A fork cap wrench, fork oil level gauge, and fork seal drivers can make even the most reluctant mechanic feel like a master. The truth is, changing a fork seal and the oil in your forks is not usually very complicated. Most owner's manuals, or a service manual, lay out the steps to this basic repair and maintenance task in very simple easy steps. While the above mentioned tools are pretty much a must for this task, the cost of the tools will be offset by the savings of avoiding an expensive service bill from your local repair shop.

Motion Pro also makes a full line of specialty suspension tools, along with tools for engine work, carb tuning and overhaul, tire and wheel work, even off road oriented tools for working on your bike while on the trail.

When it comes to taking a bike apart, repairing it, and putting it back together, the right tools will make the job easier and less time consuming. Motion Pro makes the tools that keep the bikes at American Supercamp going day after day.

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