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Bead Buddy® and Supermoto Bead Buddy®

Figure 1
Instructions for Use

Deflate your tire, remove the valve core, and loosen the rim lock. Insert the Bead Buddy® across from the rim lock, positioning the slot over the spoke, with the bottom plate between the rim and the tire bead as shown in Figure 1. You will want to begin removing your tire near the rim lock, and across from the Bead Buddy® as shown in Figure 2.

The bottom plate of the Bead Buddy® is used to push the tire bead down into the drop center of the rim. This will aid in pulling the tire edge over the rim with your tire irons, easing the removal and installation of your tire. (Figure 2 demonstrates tire removal and Figure 3 demonstrates installation).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Tire Changing Tips:
- Clean your wheel of any dirt or grime before beginning, and make sure your tire irons are free of sharp edges.
- Loosen the rim lock before removing the tire, and use your hands to break the bead away from the rim on
both sides of the wheel.
- Always remove and install the tire from the brake side of the wheel. This will keep your hands away from sharp
sprocket teeth, as well as keep the brake rotor up and away from damage or debris. Motion Pro Tech Gloves
(Part #21-0006) are a great way to protect your hands.
- If protecting rims from scratches is a concern, use Motion Pro Rim Protectors (Part #08-0357).
- When removing or installing your tire, take small "bites" with your Tire Irons (Motion Pro carries several
sizes and styles of tire irons). This will ease the pull needed to move the tire bead over the rim.
- Use tire lube or soapy water when installing your tire, to help the bead slide back over the rim.
- When the tire is off the rim, check your wheel bearings, spokes and trueness of your wheel. Replace the rim strip
if it is worn or has any tears. Duct tape can be used if an original rim strip is not available.
- Check your tube for worn spots, tears or "pinched" areas before reinstalling. Dipping an inflated tube in a tub of
water is a great way to check for air leaks. If any bubbles appear, repair or replace the tube.
- Install the rim lock before installing the tire, but leave it loose so you can slip the tire bead underneath it.
- Use caution when inflating your tire, and make sure the bead seats all the way around the rim on both sides.
- Tighten the rim lock after your tire is inflated. Check tire pressure soon after your initial ride, to make sure
you don't have any leaks.

Warning: All procedures should be performed by experienced mechanics with proper tools and training.
Failure to do so could result in great bodily injury or death.
Removing and installing wheels, and changing tires should be done in accordance with the factory
shop manual for your vehicle. Follow all instructions and specifications in your manual.

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