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Northern California offroad enthusiast and Motorcycle families unite in support of your rights to ride

Thanks to all of you who attended the recent public open house meetings held in the East Bay Area to detail the Draft Preferred Concept for the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area General Plan (DPC). Draft Preferred Concept

Members of extreme anti-OHV groups were also there to try and impose their closure agenda on the OHV community and DPC planning team.  Over the last 7 years, those closure advocates have worked with East Bay Regional Parks on a massive and fraudulent disinformation campaign to build political support for an outright ban of OHV use on the Tesla property.  They have been making weekly, if not daily, visits to the offices of State Senator Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblymember Joan Buchanan demanding legislation to enact an outright ban of OHV use at Tesla.

It is critically important that we counter that smear campaign by sending comments to the SVRA planning team and the aforementioned legislators.  Their contact information is listed below.

I urge you to send them copies of your comments via both email and snail mail.
I know many of you are busy and were not able to attend the public meetings to articulate your strong support of continued OHV use at the existing 1,540 acre Carnegie SVRA and new multi-use OHV activity on the 3,478 acre "Tesla" acquisition property.

To help those of you who are short on time, BRC is providing an email letter generator regarding the DPC. Please insert personal information such as; your occupation, your history of visiting the park, what OHVs you plan to utilize at both the current riding area and the new Tesla property. Your letter will be automatically sent from our letter generator to the Carnegie SVRA Planning Team.

After creating your comments using our letter generator, please print out your letter and send it the following legislators via U.S. Mail to their office (you can fax it too).  Feel free to include pictures of your family enjoying OHV recreation at Carnegie SVRA.   Since there is a 2000 character limit when you use the WEBFORM – You will want to start your web message by urging them to: Please Support the Draft Preferred Concept for the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area General Plan --- and then include important key elements of your comment letter. *The WEBFORM will only work if you live in their District.

Senator Mark DeSaulnier
State Capitol, Room 5035
Sacramento, CA  95814
Fax: (916) 651-4907
Web Form:

Assemblymember Joan Buchanan
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0016
Fax: (916) 319-2116
Web Form:

Please send this out to your own rider or business contacts.  Our response will help determine the future of OHV use at both Carnegie SVRA and on the new Tesla property.  We must continue to fight hard and never give up!

Thanks for taking time to join in our battle to protect OHV opportunities at Carnegie SVRA!

Don Amador
Western Representative
BlueRibbon Coalition

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