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    Handlebar Stop/Start Switch

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Thank you for purchasing the Enhanced Right Side Handlebar Switch. This is a high quality product that will give years of use when properly installed.

This switch is a generic assembly that must be set up for any specific installation on a motorcycle. This is an advanced skill set job that should only be performed by a professional technician with specialized tools and factory service manual information. Failure to install this switch assembly correctly could result in serious injuries or death. Don’t cut corners on this installation! If you don’t have the tools, components or skill to complete this on your own, seek out the assistance of a professional.

Switch Description:

This assembly contains two switches, one push in/out switch for engine power, and one momentary button for the starter with two circuits, one normally open, and one normally closed. The wiring harness also includes two wires for use with a brake light switch. See the wiring diagram for specific wire colors and switch positions.

The starter circuit has two circuits for use with some street motorcycles that use the normally closed side of the switch to control the headlight during starter operation. The normally closed side is wired to the headlight relay circuit, and the normally open side to the starter circuit. Thus, when the starter is engaged, the headlight will turn off, conserving battery power. Consult your service manual and your factory wiring diagram to see if this is applicable to your motorcycle. The two circuits in the starter switch are completely separate, so it is not necessary to use both of them if it is not needed, for instance on a racing motorcycle without a headlight.

The switch body has a small rubber pad to prevent rotation on the handlebar, it is not necessary to drill the bar for a locating pin.


The switch does not include any connectors or wire terminals. It is recommended to use the stock connector body from the original stock handlebar switch and to source the correct terminals for proper fitment into the connector body. Refer to your factory wiring diagram to determine what wires perform what functions before disassembling the stock switch. Making some detailed notes here will be helpful later. Use of a multimeter will help you determine all of the functions of the stock switch. Once you have completed your notes, remove the stock connector from the stock switch. Install the proper terminals on the Motion Pro Switch, and insert the wires into the proper locations in the connector body according to your notes. Double check the security of the terminals in the connector before plugging it into the stock wiring harness. Check the function of both of the switches, making sure that the off position of the engine switch kills all power to the engine. THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT SAFETY FEATURE. DO NOT RIDE THE MOTORCYCLE UNTIL YOU HAVE DETERMINED THAT THIS FEATURE IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL.


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