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How to Pack Your Tool Pack

How to Pack Your Tool Pack

Want to know how the pros do it? What does Rodney Smith carry in his tool pack? What does a professional motocross mechanic carry in his pack to make sure his rider has everything he needs for a National Motocross? We will reveal the secrets of the professionals now, to you, our lucky reader.

First off, we will take up packing for the trail, for the riders out there who love to spend their weekends off road, or maybe are planning a longer trip in Baja or Moab.

Out on the trail, your tool pack is your lifeline and your best friend. You rely on its contents to keep you riding, and to have all of the items you will need while on the trail away from civilization. Having the right tools and parts could be the difference in making the next check or getting home. You should be able to remove every fastener on your bike, you need to be prepared to change a tube or repair a flat, and you should be able to repair trail damage. Don't over pack, keep it light, you want to have everything you need, but not extra weight that will slow you down or tire you out.

Using the storage space properly is the first step. The front pocket is for miscellaneous items and the inner area is for tools. Use the tool holders to keep everything organized.

How to Pack Your Tool Pack    How to Pack Your Tool Pack

Pack right... Pack light. The Motion Pro Tool Pack is designed by experienced riders for real, practical use. There is a spot for every tool. Many Motion Pro combination tools save weight and space and were specifically designed for trailside repair. Keep it simple, don't over pack. The basic items you should have are:

How to Pack Your Tool Pack    How to Pack Your Tool Pack

  • Axle wrenches and tire levers: the Motion Pro T6 Combo Levers take care of both of these in one light weight tool.
  • Tri-Drive T-handle
  • MP tool kit, that includes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm sockets and wrenches, Phillips, flathead, and Allen drivers.
  • Open end combo wrenches 10/12, 13/14
  • Small Phillips/flat head screw drivers
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Spoke wrench

How to Pack Your Tool Pack    How to Pack Your Tool Pack

For longer trips, prepare for the ride. Are you doing an Enduro or a week in Mexico?

  • T6 Chain Breaker
  • Link of chain, Master Link
  • Tie wire trick... Use your C02 cartridge as a holder for your wire
  • Tape trick... Utilize a tool as a holder
  • Seal mate
  • Bolts & Washers
  • Aluminum epoxy
  • Money and ID
  • Food
  • Space blanket and matches
  • Shower Cap (to cover air filter on water crossings)

Packing for the Races.
The mechanics tool pack is a veritable portable tool box, having the right tools at the side of the track can mean the difference between getting points or a DNF. An experienced mechanic needs to prepare for a race just like the rider.

Like the trail pack, you need essential tools but the emphasis is on speed and accessibility.
  • T-handles and holders, 8, 10, 12 or 13 ...quick access
  • Open end wrenches....8, 10, 12 or 13, 14
  • Water bottle holder, hydration, start gate prep, fuel top off
  • Axle wrench
  • Screw drivers
  • Vise grip or pliers

How to Pack Your Tool Pack    How to Pack Your Tool Pack

How to Pack Your Tool Pack

Be prepared for basic parts or gear swap.

  • Clutch & brake levers
  • Shift lever
  • Hand towels
  • Water bottle, use to clean muddy grips
  • Mud scraper
  • Spare goggles, rider gloves, Zip lock bag attached to belt

How to Pack Your Tool Pack

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 How To Pack Your Tool Pack

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