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Steering Stem Tool P/N 08-0544

1. Remove outer cage of the old bearing using cutters as shown in the photo. A screwdriver can also be used to remove the old bearing.
2. Slide bearing puller adapter over steering stem to base of steering stem. Tighten setscrews evenly and lightly under top lip of bearing race. Do not tighten setscrews more than finger tight or race will bind against stem.

3. Place protector cup on top of the steering stem to protect the threads from damage.
4. Slide the Steering Stem Bearing Tool body over steering stem and screw all the way into bearing puller adapter.
5. Using a 19 mm wrench tighten the puller bolt to remove the old bearing.
6. Clean the base and steering stem making sure it is clear of any dirt, grime or debris.
7. Install new bearing onto the stem.
8. Select the correct size driver for your application and install it onto the end of the Steering Stem Bearing Tool. Remove the drive bolt and use a soft mallet to drive the new bearing into place. It’s not a bad idea to use a block of wood under the triple clamp to support the bottom and protect it from damage. Make sure that the bearing is fully seated onto the stem and grease the bearing with high quality waterproof grease. 

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