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Jason Anderson Overcomes Mistakes at Hangtown

Rockstar Energy Racing and Jason Anderson headed north to the 46th annual Hangtown Motocross Classic in Rancho Cordova, CA for round 2 of the outdoor season. After just missing a podium by less than a lap at Glen Helen, Anderson was eager to line up again. He wouldn't be alone this time though as Joey Savatgy made his return to racing after sitting out the entire Supercross season with injury.

After a bit of a heartbreak at round 1, Jason was still able to keep his head up with a positive attitude heading into Hangtown. That's something he's been able to constantly do throughout 2014 when he is struck by adversity. Things were looking very good after the final 250 qualifying practice when he put himself on the board with the 2nd fastest time. The times from the first practice were faster, but did not even come close to mimicking what the track would be like come race time. This particular track has always been known for being very rough and extremely difficult. It may not have the biggest bumps, but it can definitely boast the most inconsistent terrain due to the amount of rice hulls brought in by the truck load. It is a suspension technicians nightmare as there is no way to make any bike work around the whole track.

As the gate dropped for the first moto, Anderson got his best start of the year thus far by several positions. He knows the need to strike fast on the first lap and not let the leaders get too far away. He made an aggressive move to dive into a rut and make a pass, but lost his front end when he hit a slick spot going in. He was then hit from behind costing him more time. He remounted in about last place. Even though he had another little mistake mid moto, he was still able to climb back into the top ten by the end. A very commendable result considering the circumstances. JA didn't have much time to recover after his fierce moto 1 battle, as the riders only have a short gap in between. His gate pick in the 2nd go around wouldn't be as good as the first and it showed in the result of his start. He moved through the pack once again and was able to finish a solid 4th place. With the toughness of the track claiming some of his top competitors, his efforts moved him up into 6th overall in the series standings.

Jason Anderson: "Hangtown was alright and I ended up 6th. I just had a bad first moto. I regrouped for the 2nd moto and got 4th. Not too bad of a day, but I'm just looking to progress."

Joey Savatgy was very excited to finally compete aboard his Rockstar Energy Racing KTM for the first time since joining the team for the '14 season. He hasn't been able to catch a break from the injury bug for quite some time. This weekend not only marked his first race for the team, but also his first in nearly a year. Coming back from a shoulder injury on what could be the toughest course on that joint to do so was going to be tough and he knew it. He clearly did the best he could and even ran with the front pack for several laps in both motos. He showed that he still has the speed to be up there but the day clearly took it's toll on him and his shoulder. In the end though, he finished without any crashes and left the track healthy and eager to continue to improve.

Joey Savatgy: "My day, I guess was positive, I stayed off the ground both motos. The first moto I got a 14th. The second moto I'm not even sure what I got. I started fading and my shoulder was hurting. Still a positive day, made it through all the laps and going to build off that for next weekend."

The team will leave California for Round 3 and mile high elevation in Lakewood, CO next weekend. Anderson will look to have a good day with 2 solid motos and get himself back on the podium. Savatgy will move forward racing himself into shape as his shoulder heals and gets stronger throughout the week.

450MX Overall
1. Ken Roczen 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey 2-2
3. Trey Canard 3-4
4. James Stewart 5-3
5. Justin Barcia 4-5
6. Weston Peick 8-6
7. Jake Weimer 7-8
8. Brett Metcalfe 6-9
9. M. Stewart 10-7
10. Chad Reed 11-12
11. Andrew Short 14-10
12. Fredrik Noren 12-13
13. Josh Grant 9-39
14. Sean Collier 15-16
15. Phil Nicoletti 23-11
16. Ben Lamay 19-15
17. Kellian Rusk 13-23
18. Ivan Tedesco 32-14
19. J. Albertson 17-18
20. PJ Larsen 16-24 

450MX Points
1. Ken Roczen 94pts
2. Ryan Dungey 89pts
3. Trey Canard 72pts
4. James Stewart 66pts
5. Brett Metcalfe 61pts
6. Justin Barcia 52pts
7. Weston Peick 52pts
8. Jake Weimer 52pts
9. Malcolm Stewart 51pts
10. Josh Grant 43pts
11. Chad Reed 42pts
12. Phil Nicoletti 30pts
13. Ivan Tedesco 27pts
14. Fredrik Noren 22pts
15. Andrew Short 20pts
16. Sean Collier 20pts
17. Ben Lamay 18pts
18. J. Albertson 15pts
19. Kyle Chisholm 13pts
20. Tommy Weeck 11pts 

250MX Overall

1. Jeremy Martin 1-1
2. Cooper Webb 2-2
3. Christophe Pourcel 8-3
4. Justin Hill 4-6
5. Jessy Nelson 7-5
6. Jason Anderson 10-4
7. Marvin Musquin 9-7
8. Zach Bell 5-12
9. Matt Bisceglia 13-8
10. Justin Bogle 3-35
11. Alex Martin 12-13
12. Dillan Epstein 17-10
13. Matt Lemoine 16-11
14. Blake Baggett 6-34
15. Kyle Peters 15-14
16. J. Richardson 21-9
17. K. Cunningham 11-33
18. Brady Keisel 19-15
19. Blake Savage 18-17
20. Joey Savatgy 14-25

250MX Points
1. Jeremy Martin 100pts
2. Cooper Webb 88pts
3. Christophe Pourcel 63pts
4. Jessy Nelson 51pts
5. Marvin Musquin 50pts
6. Jason Anderson 49pts
7. Justin Bogle 48pts
8. Blake Baggett 48pts
9. Matt Bisceglia 45pts
10. Justin Hill 43pts
11. Cole Seely 36pts
12. Zach Bell 30pts
13. Alex Martin 28pts
14. Matt Lemoine 27pts
15. K. Cunningham 26pts
16. J. Richardson 23pts
17. Kyle Peters 19pts
18. Dean Wilson 15pts
19. Dillan Epstein 15pts
20. Valentin Teillet 14pts

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