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Anderson Back on the Podium at High Point!

The rain came down hard on the scenic hills of High Point Raceway the day prior to the 4th round of the 2014 Motocross Nationals. This made for very muddy practice sessions, but with the dry weather on race day, the track certainly came around. It began to improve so rapidly in fact that lap times decreased from the 2:20 range all the way down to 2:07 just from the first practice to the second. This also made for a very rutted course however; and as the ruts began to dry and harden, it became very technical as well. This seemed to pose no problem for Jason Anderson as he made his expected return to podium form. Rockstar Energy Racing was also joined by former team rider and current GNCC competitor Ryan Sipes.

It's certainly no secret that Jason Anderson did not have the best start to his outdoor campaign and he definitely didn't foresee being down so many points at this stage of the season. Part of racing motocross is overcoming adversity and he's had his fair share thus far. It appears that the tide has now shifted though, and his luck is turning around. After staying off the bike midweek during the first 3 rounds due to a broken tailbone, Jason decided to just ride through it and get some time on the bike this past week. The improvement was evident immediately in the first round of qualifying practice where he has struggled the past couple rounds.

In the first moto, Anderson once again started outside the top 15, something he has been hampered by all season. He managed to move through the very competitive pack once again for a decent finish. The second moto was a completely different story. JA started near the front of the pack and stayed there for the entire race, putting in a very impressive ride. The result was enough to garner him 3rd overall and his first podium of the motocross series. In fact had he been able to secure one more position in moto 1, he would have been rewarded with 2nd overall. All signs point to the Mr. Anderson from the recent Supercross success being back to his usual spot as a front runner and consistent podium finisher for the next 8 rounds.

Jason Anderson: "My weekend started alright and ended pretty good. I feel like I'm getting better and better. I feel like I've been this guy already, I just need to be able to ride during the week. I think after this weekend off, the next round is gonna be pretty sick. I believe I will have an even bigger improvement in Tennessee."

Joe Savatgy continues to improve each week, but also must remain patient. It's going to take some time to get back to where he was after his 9 month hiatus. His overall results have improved every week. While he did not meet his goal of posting two top 10 finishes in Pennsylvania, he still made it through two more motos, staying healthy and allowing his shoulder to continue to heal. The upcoming weekend off will be a great benefit for Savatgy, giving him some time to get back to 100%, and not having to try and do so while racing.

Joey Savatgy: "Day was alright. Qualifying did not go well, 1st moto wasn't the greatest, nor was the 2nd. However; in the overall, it was better than last weekend. Thankfully we have a weekend off. I'll have next week and the following to get things figured out, get back up to speed and build up confidence. I want to come into Muddy Creek a different guy."

Ryan Sipes left the Supercross and Motocross world to take on a different adventure this year. He set out to contend the GNCC Off-Road Racing Series, which also gave him the opportunity to spend more time with his family. He couldn't leave it completely behind though and his plan was to hit limited rounds of the MX series as well. Sipes came out to highpoint to race the 450 class with some assistance from his former team, Rockstar Energy Racing. Coincidentally he shares many of the same sponsors as his former team anyway. Ryan managed to do very well on the day aboard his KTM off-road machine. While his equipment was not perfect for the conditions, he still finished just outside the top ten and ended up 13th overall. A very commendable result for his first 450 national of the year.

Ryan Sipes: "I didn't know what to expect this weekend but I had a lot of fun. I came here hoping I still had some motocross speed, but I'm also racing my GNCC bike. I have my off-road suspension and motor on it. Rockstar Energy Racing helped me out and got me a smaller tank and I put on a 19" rear wheel. I'm happy to come away with an 11-15. I've still got a little bit of speed and I'm still able to go out there and mix it up. It will be nice to have an actual set of motocross suspension at Muddy Creek and come out and do better."

The team is going to get a lot out the upcoming off week going into Muddy Creek in Tennessee. Anderson will begin to get the time on the bike for testing and training that he has been missing early in the season. Savatgy will have a chance to work on what he needs to do to get him back in the top ten by the next round. Sipes will not have a weekend off, as he has a GNCC race next weekend at Snowshoe, but he will return to the motocross scene once again the following week.

450MX Overall
1. James Stewart 1-1
2. Ken Roczen 2-3
3. Trey Canard 4-2
4. Ryan Dungey 3-4
5. Josh Grant 6-6
6. Weston Peick 10-5
7. Andrew Short 7-8
8. Chad Reed 5-10
9. Brett Metcalfe 9-7
10. Phil Nicoletti 8-12
11. Matt Goerke 13-11
12. Ben Lamay 12-14
13. Ryan Sipes 11-15
14. Fredrik Noren 14-13
15. Malcolm Stewart 38-9
16. Kellian Rusk 15-16
17. E. Mikhaylov 17-17
18. Cade Clason 16-18
19. Kevin Rookstool 19-19
20. Ronnie Stewart 18-37

450MX Points
1. Ken Roczen 183pts
2. Ryan Dungey 167pts
3. James Stewart 161pts
4. Trey Canard 150pts
5. Brett Metcalfe 115pts
6. Josh Grant 104pts
7. Weston Peick 104pts
8. Malcolm Stewart 90pts
9. Chad Reed 88pts
10. Andrew Short 74pts
11. Jake Weimer 74pts
12. Phil Nicoletti 71pts
13. Justin Barcia 52pts
14. Fredrik Noren 49pts
15. Ben Lamay 42pts
16. Ivan Tedesco 37pts
17. Kellian Rusk 31pts
18. Matt Goerke 30pts
19. Sean Collier 20pts
20. E. Mikhaylov 20pts

250MX Overall

1. Blake Baggett 1-1
2. Jeremy Martin 2-6
3. Jason Anderson 7-2
4. Justin Bogle 4-4
5. Christophe Pourcel 6-3
6. Cooper Webb 3-7
7. Marvin Musquin 5-8
8. Justin Hill 9-5
9. Cole Seely 8-9
10. Alex Martin  10-10
11. Kyle Cunningham 12-11
12. Joey Savatgy 13-13
13. Zach Bell 15-12
14. Kyle Peters 11-16
15. Matt Lemoine 14-14
16. Dakota Alix 18-17
17. Jessy Nelson 38-15
18. Justin Starling 16-21
19. Zack Williams 20-18
20. Dakota Kessler 17-23 

250MX Points
1. Jeremy Martin 177pts
2. Cooper Webb 148pts
3. Blake Baggett 141pts
4. Christophe Pourcel 128pts
5. Justin Bogle 126pts
6. Jason Anderson 117pts
7. Marvin Musquin 111pts
8. Justin Hill 93pts
9. Jessy Nelson 91pts
10. Cole Seely 87pts
11. Matt Bisceglia 63pts
12. Zach Bell 60pts
13. Kyle Cunningham 59pts
14. Alex Martin 55pts
15. Matt Lemoine 50pts
16. Kyle Peters 40pts
17. Joey Savatgy 40pts
18. Jackson Richardson 26pts
19. Dillan Epstein 21pts
20. Brady Kiesel 18pts

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