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Holding The Forest Service Accountable

My Dad gave me his 3 timeless axioms for a successful and happy life when I was but a youngster and those are:

1- Be a man of your word

2- Be to work on time

3- Don't let people pour water down your neck and tell you it is raining (his original version was more graphic)

Back in 2001/2002, Forest Service officials looked me square in the eye and promised that the California Route Inventory and Designation Process (RID) - now known as the Travel Management Rule - would not be used as a closure tool to get RID of trails.

Turn the clock forward to today where the Shasta Trinity National Forest is proposing to close basically all of their 800 miles of single-track motorcycle trails and ATV trails less than 50 inches in width. Be assured, I am and will be asking the Forest Service to keep their word. You should do the same.

BRC and Shasta County Comment Letters on the Shasta Trinity DEIS

VIDEO - Don Amador Talks About Holding The Forest Service Accountable

Thanks for your service!

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