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Why Buy Motion Pro Tools?

Motion Pro has been designing and producing tools for nearly 25 years. During this time we pioneered many new tools and we continue to work hard to provide our customers with the best combination of function, quality, customer service and value.

A good example is the Motion Pro line of T-Handles. Motion Pro makes all types of T-Handles, and was the first manufacturer to offer deep-well hex socket T-Handles. Today, you can find lots of different outfits selling T-Handle wrenches, but buyer beware, not all T-handles are made the same! What is it that makes Motion Pro T’s still the best? Most importantly, it’s the materials and manufacturing quality. Motion Pro uses high-quality Chrome Vanadium tool steel forged to exacting specifications, for a slim profile, perfect fit and long life. Cheap imitations may look similar, but use inferior alloys and the tool may be cast, which results in a clumsy, weak tool. Another vital point is customer service. Our telephones are answered by real live people, not machines, and we have a staff of experienced people who can answer fitment and usage questions quickly and efficiently. Just try to track down a customer service number for the $5 knock off socket set you bought at the discount auto parts store! You can buy less expensive tools, but in the long run Motion Pro products will provide you with the best value for your hard earned money. As the old mechanic’s saying goes, “The most expensive tool is a cheap tool.”

Motion Pro T-Handle sockets and drives carry a lifetime warranty. Not all of our products carry lifetime warranties, but those that don’t have at least a one year warranty that is backed with industry leading service.

Having good tools in your garage is a secure feeling, because you know that you can count on them to get the job done time and again, without hassles or failures. Count on Motion Pro to supply you with the best tools available.

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