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Holidays are Coming! The Holidays are Coming!

Paul Revere said something similar a long time ago when he was warning the American colonists of the approach of the British, but the urgency of that statement can very well apply to the modern Winter Holiday season. It seems to start earlier every year, and the pressure and stress gets higher and higher.

Of course there are many sentimental and observant reasons for the Winter Holidays, but it is also one of the best selling periods of the year for retail businesses. Motorcycle shops are no exception and the Winter Holidays can be very profitable for the shop that has stocked up on items likely to be popular during this time.

Fortunately, Motion Pro offers many affordable items that make perfect holiday gifts. Tools are always popular with gear heads, and Motion Pro offers a host of tools and accessories to pump up your holiday sales. We have a wide range of tools and accessories to fit the buying budget of people searching for presents for loved ones and friends. Best of all, Motion Pro always works hard to make sure that there are generous dealer margins in our products, so not only is your customer happy to find cool items, you are happy because you are putting more money in your pocket!

Here is a small sampling of Motion Pro items that are sure things for the holidays.

T-Handles: From big kits to small, metric to SAE, in just about any price range to fit any budget. T-Handles are a handy tool, and can make any job easier. We have kits for any type of mechanical work, and they make a sure fire gift.

Motion Pro Tech Gloves: Nobody likes to get their hands dirty working on bikes and gloves also help when handling hot or rough textured objects. Motion Pro makes the Tech Glove, a technicians glove without compare. Built of high quality materials, our Tech gloves offer protection from heat, abrasions and impacts, and yet still provide delicate feel and sensitivity. They are also very durable and use in the professional racing world shows that they can outlast other mechanics gloves many times over.

Magnetic Finger Glove: The Finger Glove is built of comfortable and protective materials and has a small but powerful rare earth magnet built into the fingertip. All bikes have that unreachable fastener hidden somewhere that makes mechanics crazy. With the Magnetic Finger Glove, manipulating that trouble fastener becomes easy. The Magnetic Finger Gloves come on a card of six that you can display on your counter. At just $10, this item makes a great stocking stuffer.

Pro Bleeders: All modern MX bike have an air bleed screw on top of the fork to bleed off extra air pressure to keep the suspension working at its best. The Motion Pro Fork Bleeders replace the screw in the top of the fork, and make venting the pressure a snap with a simple press of a button.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Motion Pro!

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