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Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Locks

There are some everyday items that are so common, and have been such a consistent part of our lives, that they occupy very little of our attention. Yet, once in a while, someone comes along with an update to that product and everyone says, “Hey, why didn’t we think of that a long time ago?”

This is the sort of challenge that Motion Pro thrives on. Did anyone ever think that the plain old tire iron could ever be improved on? Yet Motion Pro pioneered the T-6 Forged Aluminum Tire Levers, and made them even more functional by adding an axle wrench. People said, “Wow, we should have thought of that a long time ago.”

And now, Motion Pro has done it again, with the revolutionary LiteLocs. The lowly rim lock rarely gets any attention except when they break, or puncture your tube. Motion Pro has reengineered the rim lock to be much stronger, lighter, and grip better than any other rim lock available.

The Motion Pro LiteLoc is made of a special reinforced nylon composite material which is lightweight, and virtually indestructible. The shape of the LiteLoc is specifically designed to be small and light, but to grip the tire securely, and also present a lot profile to the tube, to prevent pinching.

The LiteLocs weigh almost half as much as some rim locks, reducing unsprung weight, so that your suspension can work better. They also reduce imbalances in the wheel itself so that vibration is reduced. Riders have even noticed that their bikes are more stable when jumping, because a well balanced wheel will disturb your flight less.

Even under the stresses of Supercross racing, with powerful engines and lots of traction, teams like TiLube Motorsports report that the LiteLocs are superior in grip to a standard rim lock, eliminating tire spin on the wheel.

All LiteLocs include tall rim lock nuts and a beveled washer, both made out of aluminum for further weight savings and to protect the threads of the Lite Lock itself.

The LiteLocs are available in 1.60/1.40 and 2.15 rim sizes, for virtually all common dirt motorcycles out there today. Retailing at less than $20 per lock, they are a bargain investment to better performance and longer tire and tube life. Check them out at or head down to your local dealer.

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