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Motion Pro Soft Jaw Vertical Suspension Vise (P/N 08-0391)

Servicing your suspension is an important part of your motor-cycle's periodic maintenance schedule and a necessity for improving handling. Being able to rebuild your front forks and rear shock will allow you to perform the normal maintenance tasks like changing oil or fork seals, and carry out more complex jobs like replacing shock springs and valving.

Many mechanical jobs require special tools, and this applies particularly to suspension work. Without the proper tools and setup, tearing down and assembling your suspension components can be messy, difficult and time-consuming.

Motion Pro is proud to introduce the Soft Jaw Vertical Suspension Vice, P/N 08-0391. The Soft Jaw is a versatile, simple to use tool that will make servicing and rebuilding suspension components easier, cleaner and more profitable. It can be used to work on fork legs and shock absorbers on street and off-road motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and even race cars.

The Motion Pro Soft Jaw Suspension Vise features several specialized attachments that allow you to service your forks and shocks vertically during each process of your suspension service. The rear shock is held firmly in place around the shock body or reservoir, allowing the easy removal and replacement of all its components including the reservoir cap, spring, bearings, piston, rod, seals, bladder and more.

For working on forks held in the Vise, the Soft Jaw Fork Peg holds the slider up, allowing you to remove the dust seal and retaining clip so the seals can be replaced. The bottom Slide Bar holds the fork in a compressed position for priming the cartridge during reassembly, and is an excellent platform for adding, adjusting and measuring fork oil levels. With the stock front axle in place, the Soft Jaw can also be used to assist in removing the fork compression valve assembly.

The Vise, Vise Jaws and Vise Insert Set are precision made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and will accommodate suspension parts ranging from 14mm to 69mm in diameter. The V-shape Vise Jaw design grips parts at four points, distributing the load evenly so that round hollow suspension parts are not crushed while being held firmly in place. It comes with a removable aluminum oil catch pan that mounts below the shock or fork to catch oil, and the heavy-duty steel frame has eight adjustable pegs which are designed to organize and keep your parts clean before and after service. The Motion Pro Soft Jaw Vertical Suspension Vise is compact, occupying less than one square foot of space in your shop or trailer.

If you plan to perform any services or upgrades to your shock or forks, you need the right setup and the Motion Pro Soft Jaw Vertical Suspension Vise will help you get the job done like a pro. Just call us at 650-594-9600 to place your order. Special sale pricing is limited to stock on hand.

To watch an excellent demonstration video of the Motion Pro Soft Jaw Vertical Suspension Vise in use, please click here.
For more information on the full line of Motion Pro's products and applications, look us up on the web at

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