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Support Keeping Piute Trails Open In Sequoia National Forest

Two weeks ago Forest Supervisor Tina Terrel published the Notice of Intent and the Proposed Action for the Piute Trail System. Now it is vitally important that every member support this Proposed Action to ensure this plan moves forward and that we keep all the gains we have fought so long and hard for.

Over the years you have been on the defensive and have been asked time and again to help stop trail closures, but due to our past efforts today we have turned that around and can support keeping trails open instead of trying to stop closures. Amazing as it may seem while other forests are closing hundreds of miles of trails, the Sequoia Forest Service is proposing to keep virtually all roads and trails open in the Piutes. Stewards of the Sequoia have worked hard over the past six years with many local community organizations and the Forest Service to make this happen, but we cannot rest on our laurels yet.

Now that Supervisor Terrel has left we want the new Forest Supervisor to see that we will continue to remain engaged and that we are serious about keeping trails open. This is just the beginning of the Piute Planning process and we must continue to be fully engaged.
Please send your letter now. Just click on the link below and do your part to help preserve your trails.

Successfully keeping trails open takes a lot of effort and deserves your support. Yet only 16% of Stewards members have made a current donation. Without more donations Stewards cannot cover our expenses. Please consider making a donation to help support Stewards of the Sequoia successful Trail Preservation Program to keep your trails open.

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