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Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Cam Reels

The Motion Pro Revolver Throttle system is the most advanced changeable reel system available today. With the ability to change the amount of twist of the throttle in 10 degree increments with 4 steps, it is the best ergonomic solution available for riders looking to tailor the amount of throttle twist to the type of riding they are doing.

Now Motion Pro is proud to offer several different cam reel solutions for use with the Revolver Throttle System. A cam reel allows the throttle to feel like a slow tuning throttle during a specific portion of the twist, and faster at another portion. Progressive cam designs can make the throttle feel soft at smaller openings, and more aggressive at larger openings. A digressive cam can have the opposite feel, making the throttle feel stronger off the bottom, but allowing finer control at larger throttle openings to control peak power and wheel spin.

The Revolver system also has a significant advantage over other cam systems currently available, because the Revolver throttle housing was specifically designed to have enough room to allow potentially aggressive cam profiles, and also allow the inner wire of the cable to float and find the optimal path, allowing the best feel and precise control. Other cam systems utilize the stock throttle housing, with limitations on reel size, and non-adjustable stock cables, resulting in inferior feel and function.

There are three off road oriented cam reels and one road race cam reel currently available:

Off Road Reel A: This reel is designed with a progressive cam to make lower speeds and engine rpm’s more controllable, for tight aggressive Supercross style tracks.

Off Road Reel B: This reel is more linear, with a broad cam profile well suited to open motocross tracks, and higher speeds.

Off Road Reel C:  This reel is designed for tight, technical riding like off road single track, with the mellowest feel and power delivery for precise control in tricky conditions.

Street/Road Race Reel B: This reel has the same progressive linear profile of the Off Road B reel, but with larger diameters over the full range for the shorter twist demanded by sport bike riders. This reel will allow expert riders to get the most out of a powerful sport bike at the limit of performance and traction, yet is also good for the less experienced rider who is looking to tame some of the aggressive feel of their bike.

All of these reels are a drop in fit for any motorcycle equipped with the Motion Pro Revolver Throttle System, just like the standard round reels. If you are looking for that additional performance edge that a cam reel can give you, this is the system for you.

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