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Motion Pro Cable Definitions "What's In A Word"

Argent Cables: See Website at

Armor Coat Cables: See Website at

Ball-End: A ball fitting used on the end of an inner wire.

Barrel: a barrel end used on the inner wires of cables, commonly used in multiple sizes in most types of cables.

Blackout Cables: See Website at

Black Vinyl Replacement Cables: See Website at

Cable Type: The type of cable, IE throttle cable, clutch cable, brake cable

Cables Fitting Kit: See Website at

Choke Cable: The cable that operates the choke.

Coil Wound: Standard Type Housing

Elbow Angle: The bend of an elbow fitting measured in degrees.

Elbow Fittings: A cable fitting usually used on the end of the cable housing, but have been used in the middle of a cable housing, with a bend measured in degrees.

End Caps: A small tin cap used on the end of a cable housing. Provides a means of covering the end of the housing and provides a load point for the housing.

Free Length: The amount of exposed inner wire of a cable, measured by pulling the inner wire all to one end, if there's a rubber boot on the inner wire measuring this end of the cable making sure any adjusters are collapsed, measuring just the exposed inner wire excluding any fittings on the inner wire.

Housing Diameter: The outside diameter of the housing, commonly 5mm, 6mm, & 7mm for throttle and choke cables, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, & 10mm for clutch's and mechanical brake cables.

Housing Length: The length of the housing, measured by including any fitting on the end of the cable housing that is straight, and excluding any fitting with a bend, only measuring where the cable housing comes in contact of the elbow. Making sure any in-line adjuster is collapsed.

Housing Type Fitting: Fitting that will be installed on either or both housing ends of a cable (adjuster, elbow, cap etc…).

Inline Adjuster: A component of the cable designed to set free length. Used to properly adjust a cable's free play requirements.

Inner Wire: The internal wire of a cable (see free length for information on how to measure this dimension).

Inner Wire Diameter: The diameter of the inner wire, 1.2mm & 1.5mm commonly used for throttle and choke cables, and 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm used on clutch and brake cables.

Inner Wire Type Fitting: Fitting that will be installed on either or both wire ends of a cable (bowel, nipple, ball, pear, stud, etc…)

Location of Inline Adjuster: For most metric applications this dimension is measured from the top of the housing to the top of the adjuster. In American V-Twin applications this dimension is measured from the bottom of the housing to the bottom of the adjuster.

Longitudinally-Wound Housing (LW): Housing will not compress and feel mushy under heavy loads.

Multi Cable With Splitter: A cable that includes a junction box that allows the cable to split from a single cable into multiple cables. Can be a single cable into 2, 3 or 4 lines.

Push-Pull Cables: Used primarily in throttle application when the carburetor requires two cables to properly operate the throttle. One cable to pull it open, commonly referred to as the pull cable, and one cable to close the carb; commonly referred to as the push cable.

Speedo Cable: The cable that operates the speedometer. Tach Cable: Cable that operates the tachometer.

Stock Cable: An OEM replacement cable, made to meet or exceed OEM quality to OEM specifications

Thread Pitch & Diameter: Diameter and thread pitch of any threaded adjuster or nut.

Throttle Cable: The cable that operates the carburetor throttle assembly.

T3 Cables: See Website at

Usable Travel: See Free Length

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