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Metric Flange Head Bolt Hardware Kits - Replacements

31-1610Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X10, Grade 12.9, Pk-10 $$1.99  
31-1616Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X16, Pk-10 $$2.25  
31-1620Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X20, Pk-10 $$2.35  
31-1625Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X25, Pk-10 $$2.30  
31-1630Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X30, Pk-10 $$2.65  
31-1635Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X35, Pk-10 $$2.75  
31-1640Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X40, Pk-10 $$2.49  
31-1645Bolt Flange M6XP1.0X45, Pk-10 $$2.99  
31-1816Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X16, Pk-10 $$2.99  
31-1820Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X20, Pk-10 $$2.99  
31-1825Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X25, Pk-10 $$3.49  
31-1830Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X30, Pk-10 $$3.50  
31-1835Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X35, Pk-10 $$3.99  
31-1840Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X40, Pk-10 $$3.99  
31-1850Bolt Flange M8XP1.25X50, Pk-10 $$5.25  

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