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Metric Washer Hardware Kit - Replacements

30-1010Washer Flat 10mm, 21mm OD, Pk-10 $$1.57  
30-1012Washer Flat 12mm, 24mm OD, Pk-10 $$1.75  
30-1004Washer Flat 4mm, 10mm OD, Pk-10 $$0.60  
30-1005Washer Flat 5mm, 12mm OD, Pk-10 $$0.69  
30-1006Washer Flat 6mm, 13mm OD, Pk-10 $$0.92  
30-1008Washer Flat 8mm, 16mm OD, Pk-10 $$1.57  
30-2010Washer Lock 10mm, Pk-10 $$1.80  
30-2012Washer Lock 12mm, Pk-10 $$3.55  
30-2004Washer Lock 4mm, Pk-10 $$0.89  
30-2005Washer Lock 5mm, Pk-10 $$0.99  
30-2006Washer Lock 6mm, Pk-10 $$1.25  
30-2008Washer Lock 8mm, Pk-10 $$2.15  
30-3625Washer, Fender 6mm, 25mm OD, Pk-10 $$1.57  
30-3825Washer, Fender 8mm, 23mm OD, Pk-10 $$1.49  

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