2012 ISDE Review - October Newsletter


The roots of the involvement Motion Pro has in the ISDE Six Days races goes back to before Motion Pro even existed as a company. Chris Carter, the founder and owner of Motion Pro, was an ISDE competitor in the 70’s for Yamaha. He competed in three events from 1975 to 1977, at the Island of Man, Austria, and Poland. The high point of Chris’ time competing was his gold medal which was earned in 1976 in Austria. He was also the only finisher on a Japanese motorcycle in 1975. Chris has never forgotten his racing roots during the 25 plus years that Motion Pro has been in operation, and the Six Days still holds a special place in his heart.


The ISDE is a very special motorcycle event, where racers compete over a 6 day period in enduro and motocross style events, and no one else is allowed to assist the rider. In addition to their riding duties, they must also maintain and repair their motorcycles if necessary. Tire changes, chain and sprocket maintenance, and engine work all have to be done by the rider without outside assistance. Motion Pro would like to congratulate this year’s US team riders, The US World Trophy team of Kurt Caselli, Russell Bobbitt, Destry Abbott, Taylor Robert, Mike Brown, and Charlie Mullins finished in 4th place. Our US Junior team riders Travis Coy, Andrew DeLong, Thad Duvall, and Jesse Groemm brought home a podium in 3rd place and our Women’s Trophy team riders Rachel Gutish, Amanda Mastin, Sarah Whitmore finished in 6th.


Motion Pro has always contributed products and support to the American team, and the 2012 event in Germany was no exception. In addition, Motion Pro partnered with KTM USA, who were providing significant material and technical support to all the American ISDE competitors, regardless of what brand motorcycle they were competing on.  Motion Pro also contributed to the work of Ignition 3 Productions as a sponsor of their video productions during the 2012 ISDE event. For the last few years, Ignition 3 has done an excellent video of the event, and this year produced day by day highlights of all the action. They can be found here: 

ISDE 2012 - Day 1 Highlights

ISDE 2012 - Day 2 Highlights

ISDE 2012 - Day 3 Highlights

ISDE 2012 - Day 4 Highlights

ISDE 2012 - Day 5 Highlights

ISDE 2012 - Day 6 Highlights