Aprilia HSBK Racing on the Box at Road America

Houston, TX (June 2, 2015) – Aprilia HSBK landed on the box for both races at MotoAmerica’s Subway Superbikes Doubleheader this weekend in Elkhart Lake, WI. The team welcomed new rider Sheridan Morais of South Africa to the team earlier this week and were elated with his results his first weekend on the bike. Rider Devon McDonough was cleared to ride and was back on the bike Friday after missing the races two weeks ago at VIRginia Raceway. 

The team found themselves fighting through the wet and cold conditions early in the weekend. Rider Sheridan Morais used Friday’s first practice session to learn the track and get acquainted with the new bike despite the rain. In practice two, Morais was able to put his head down and run the fastest SuperStock 1000 lap of the day running nearly a second faster than second in class at 2:37.859.

Saturday morning, practice three was wet and significantly colder than Friday. The team had McDonough put down laps, but kept Morais off the track as his times were already one of the strongest in SuperPole 1. Before the SuperPole 1 officially began Saturday Afternoon, McDonough went down and his bike sustained damages that couldn’t be fixed before the end of the session. Morais put down laps in SuperPole 1, but suffered from the same issues that put McDonough down. The track was colder and  wet and with new tires they had very limited rear grip preventing them from pushing themselves and the bikes to their potential.

The team went into Sunday with two healthy riders and ready to attack the day. Race one Morais was on the dry bike for the first time and was strong throughout the race, but learned a lot about the bike and had feedback for race two. He finished a second place his first race on the track and bike. McDonough ran consistent lap times throughout race one and was also taking notes after his first time on the dry bike at this track and finished in sixth.

Race two, Morais was running in a strong pack. Josh Day’s motor blew in front of him spraying oil on his visor and tires. He was unable to get good visibility for several laps, but eventually was able to start pushing his way back to the front. He finished a solid third and again put down faster laps than he had all weekend. The team looks forward to continuing to tune the bike and learning the tracks. During race two, McDonough struggled through the first several laps and started to improve by lap five.  McDonough ran his fastest lap of the weekend and finished with another sixth place. The team looks forward to the next round at Barber Motorsports Park.

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