Aprilia HSBK Racing Secures Valuable Points at Road Atlanta

Houston, Texas (April 22, 2015) – Aprilia HSBK racing worked through inclement weather and injuries at the second MotoAmerica round this past weekend at Road Atlanta in Georgia. The weather was unpredictable all weekend and despite adverse track conditions both Aprilia HSBK riders secured valuable points to stay in the hunt for the MotoAmerica Superstock 1000 championship.

Road Atlanta was the first round that the races followed the new FIM format and the pace of the weekend worked well for the team. Riders Dustin Dominguez and Devon McDonough started the round with mostly wet practice sessions Friday on their Aprilia RSV4s. The weather meant that tire choice was difficult throughout the weekend and the riders needed to proceed with caution. After practice Friday, Dominguez went into Saturday with the 2nd fastest and McDonough had the 6th fastest in class.

Dustin’s times Friday qualified him to go straight to Superpole 2 (1st-10th) while McDonough qualified for Superpole 1 (11th-20th). During Superpole 1 on Saturday, McDonough ran the second fastest time meaning he was able to transfer to Superpole 2 and run for the top 12 spots on the grid. During Superpole 2 (1st-12th), McDonough qualified in 11th. Dominguez unfortunately highsided early in the session and sustained several injuries that would continue to bother him throughout the weekend. Without much time on the track, Dominguez qualified in the 12thposition.

Following the FIM format, both races were held on Sunday. During race one McDonough was able to make his way through the crowd after starting in 11th and move further forward in the pack. At one point, McDonough worked his way to 4th in class. The race was red flagged and eventually called for unsafe conditions on the track. Dominguez fought through his injuries and was able to end in 8th before the race was called.

Race two was postponed for several hours due to the downpour.  Finally at 4:30 PM the rain slowed down and the teams gridded up for race two. Dominguez was still in a considerable amount of pain, but made an aggressive push and was able to make his way to 5th in class by race end. McDonough finished race two 8th in class.

"Adverse conditions are part of racing, everyone in the paddock goes into the weekend knowing that weather and circumstances out of their hands can affect their results. I'm proud that the guys worked through any issues thrown our way and continue to improve our bike setup," said Crew Chief Ronnie Saner. 

At weekend’s end, Dominguez was sitting 3rd  and McDonough 6th in the championship points standings. With seven more rounds left in the season, the team looks forward to the battles to come. Dominguez has been checked out by doctors and will be 100% by the next round. 

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