Check out episode #2 of following Fillmore rider of Motion Pro supported factory KTM/HMC superbike racing

Last week in Daytona marked the start of a new Superbike season in which Chris Fillmore and his new teammate Taylor Knapp proved that tough love and teamwork is a recipe for success for KTM Superbike Team. In day one at Daytona Fillmore and brand new teammate Knapp raced neck-to-neck to finished 10th and 9th respectively and Fillmore went on the next day to move forward into 8th; a very hopeful start to a new season.

In episode two of Following Fillmore, join us in the "bedroom" of Chris Fillmore (Calm down, ladies, that's just what he calls his hotel room with the KTM SuperBike Team at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Convention) to talk with Fillmore and his new teammate about how Knapp landed a spot on the KTM team, the parallels in their Michigan childhoods, the incredible Dad's who helped them get where they are, and their strategy for the coming season.