Chris Bach Race Report From IXCR, Indiana XC Racing. Canaan, IN.

Result 1st Pro. 1st overall. 

Solid day and intense racing.  The course was a bit of an oxymoron. It was easy in terms of no challenging obstacles, but very difficult because of the extreme hardpack and rocky dirt.  To go fast today took a lot of technique, throttle control, and body positioning.  I got off to a decent start and got into the lead early, only to crash hard on a slick road and give up a few positions. With nothing to separate the top riders, getting ahead was tough as was making clean passes.  I was able to get around fellow xc1 rider Chris Douglas for the lead mid race and keep it through the finish. Chris rode a great race, keeping me on my toes for the entire 2 hours and within 10 seconds all day. I made a final push on the last lap, used some quick maneuvering to pull a safe gap and secure the 1st place with about a 45 second lead. Big thanks to Dave Dunnuck and Danielle for a flawless pitstop that kept me from losing valuable track position, and IXCR for putting on a great event.