Destry's Endurocross Race Report (Vegas)



Las Vegas, Nevada

May 4, 2012

Race Day:

We had two short 5-minute practices and then it was time for our hot lap for gate pick. I actually had a great lap going until I hit the Matrix section right in front of the finish. I messed it up pretty good and didn’t post the time I was looking for.

Heat Race:

In the heat race they only take two to the main and I felt if I could get a good start I would have a shot. I had an ok start, and I think I was around 5th or so. After a few laps I made it into 2nd and built up a few seconds on 3rd, but I started riding really tight and making mistakes. I was still good until the final obstacle in front of the finish. I messed it up, once again, and got passed. This meant it was off to the semi race!

Semi Race: I really put a lot of focus on this start and knew I needed to get out front early. This time I got a great jump, and was leading it right off the bat. After two laps, I had built up close to a 15-second lead and since it was only a 5-lap race I just needed to keep it on two wheels. I made a small mistake in the rock corner, but didn’t lose too much time. Then with two laps to go I figured this was pretty boring for the fans, and decided to take a huge soil sample in the Matrix section. HAHA! My front wheel came up a tad short on the log that I was tripling. It sent me over the bars so quick! At first I thought I had either broke my shoulder again or separated it! It was hurting, but I picked up the bike as fast as I could. Luckily it was still running and I was able to get going again. Now, of course I wasn’t leading and had some work to do. I was back in 3rd at one point, but right before the white flag was able to get back into the lead and had a solid last lap to take the win and go to the main!

Main Event:

I really didn’t know if I should go out and race the main! My shoulder was hurting pretty good, but I knew if I didn’t try I would be mad at myself. I ended up letting the guys take off and see if I could go under them, since I didn’t have the best gate pick and didn’t want to chance going down in the first corner. For the first couple laps the adrenaline kept me going, but after that I had no strength in my shoulder and was really struggling with every obstacle I hit. It seemed like everything I hit I would go sideways or my balance was off! It definitely wasn’t fun for me, and it’s not much fun being out there and not going as fast as you want to be! I just wanted to make sure I stayed out of the way of the leaders and tried not to crash. I ended up riding the whole time, but was pretty disappointed with the way I felt!

Overall Summary:

Such a bummer to get in the main event and then not be 100% when the main race starts! This year is probably the deepest I’ve ever seen this series and it was great to make the main, but I really worked hard to get ready for this race! I felt my speed was good and the hard work was paying off until my crash in the semi! Of course I still had a great time and love going to these races! The bike was great and if it wasn’t for that one mistake it would’ve been cool to see how things could’ve went. Maybe another time!

Main Event Results:

1st Coltan Haaker

2nd Justin Soule

3rd Taddy Blazusiak

4th Cody Webb

5th Taylor Robert

6th Mike Brown

7th Cory Graffunder

8th Kyle Redmond

9th Kevin Rookstool

10th Bobby Prochnau

11th Destry Abbott

Other Notes:

I can’t thank everyone enough that was cheering me on! Such a great feeling to hear so many people screaming after I got going again and then got back in the lead! I know everyone in my family that was there, pretty much lost their voices.

Here's some highlights of the main event   

It was an exciting weekend in Vegas. There were a ton of different types of racing going on and I know it was cool to see a lot of new people at their first EX race!

I attached some photos from Kelsey Abbott, Drew Ruiz, and Ryan Sanders.

Best Wishes,