Destry's Endurocross Race Story


June 9, 2012

Sacramento, Ca.

Race Day:

After our two 5-minute practices it was time for our hot lap! I was really tentative in my first practice, since my body is still really sore and bruised up. The second practice I felt a lot better, and really liked the way the track flowed. When it was time for my hot lap I really focused on hitting my lines. Everything went really well and I set the fastest time up until the last few guys went. I ended up with 4th fastest time and it was going to be nice to have a great gate pick.

Heat 1:

I had Taddy (fastest qualifier in my heat) and a lot of other really good riders. Since they only take the top two to the main I was going to have to put in a really good ride! I didn't get the best jump and was in fourth after the first corner. Taddy was leading with Garrison 2nd, Rhoten 3rd, and then myself. We had a great pace going and since it's a 6-lap heat I just tried to stay patient early. A few laps in Garrison went down in the rock corner and I was able to get by to get myself into 3rd. Then Rhoten and I had a great race going on, but I was able to make a clean pass and get into a solid 2nd with a couple laps to go. It was nice to pull off a 2nd and go right into the main!

Main Event:

I had a great gate pick and started in between Taddy and Brown, but knew they both were great starters. My jump wasn't the best and the KTM boys closed in on me and I had to chop. Luckily I did since they bumped each other! It actually worked out since they went wide in the first corner and I tucked under them. I came out of the first corner in 2nd right behind Rookstool. I was feeling good and the pace was right where I felt comfortable. I had a couple chances where I could've been aggressive and try to take the lead, but didn't want to chance it. I stayed in 2nd for the first 3 or 4-laps and then Taddy finally made a good pass on me. Around lap six I started to make more mistakes, and had a few guys get by then went down pretty good which cost me. My body was beat and I definitely lost the flow I was in and just started to struggle! On the last lap (12-lap main) I was running 8th and had three guys right in front of me, but with a few corners to go I messed up in the rock corner. Sutherlin and I came together and I went down again. He was able to get by and I ended up 9th.

Overall Summary:

I honestly can't be to disappointed with the way the races went for me. My speed felt really good and with the last week I've had (racing the 24-hour in Alabama last weekend and then going to Millville for the week and crashing big) I thought it went pretty well. I really wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do much with all the swelling and bruising I still had. The 250f was awesome and it helped riding one all week back in Minnesota.

Main Event Results:

1st Taddy Bluzusiak

2nd Taylor Robert

3rd Kevin Rookstool

4th Cory Gruffunder

5th Mike Brown

6th Booby Garrison

7th Cody Webb

8th Gary Sutherlin

9th Destry Abbott

10th Coltan Haaker

11th Geoff Aaron

Other Notes:

Here’s a short video clip of the main event  (By Drew Ruiz).

I had both Chappy and Jeff Decker take turns being my mechanic this weekend. Both awesome guys and they definitely helped me out a bunch!

My Monster Energy Kawasaki teammate Justin Soule had a big crash in his hot lap and dislocated his shoulder and wasn't able to race the night show. I felt really bad for him since he finished the first round in 2nd and has been riding really well! It was good to see my other teammates (Taylor and Bobby) put in great rides!

ESPN sent in their sports science team to work with us four Monster Energy Kawasaki riders for a special they’re going to do before X Games. We all had sensors on our bikes and body. It would record our heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate, g-force, speed, etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the data.

The course was awesome and I would rate it up there with the top 3 for me! This was also our first time racing EX here in Sacramento and the turnout was really good and I think the fans really loved the show!

As most of you probably know I had a big crash at the 2013 250f intro in Millville, MN. If not you can see it I think I've been getting more press off crashing then racing :)

My next race is this weekend over in California (Comp Edge) for MX LL's qualifier! As long as everything goes well I'll be racing Loretta Lynn's this year, which I'm really looking forward to! Then I have an off weekend before X Games!

I attached some photos from Kenny Jones, Megan Blackburn, and Drew Ruiz.

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