Destry's WORCS Race Report



April 21-22, 2012

Surprise, AZ.

Saturday Race:

This was my first WORCS race this year, since I have a new race schedule and I’m hitting a lot of different types of races now. I know just about all the Pro’s and have been racing them for a long time, so I was looking forward to that again. What I wasn’t looking forward to was the heat! It was around 103 degrees by race time and I knew the 1-hour race, plus a lap, wasn’t going to be easy.

I had a great jump off the gate, but as soon as I hit the dirt I got on it too hard and spun bad. I think I was around 8th or so after the first couple corners. After the first lap I made it up to 5th, but as soon as I did I stalled the bike and lost two spots to Bell and Strang. The next lap I got back around Strang and was running a solid 6th. I pitted just before the hour mark and the Kawi boys did a great job getting me back out there quick. With two laps to go I knew my teammate, Garrison, wasn’t far behind me. Going out on the last lap I thought I had 6th locked up, but Bobby put in a great charge and passed me with just a few corners to go.

Saturday’s Pro Results (top 10):

1st Taylor Robert

2nd Mike Brown

3rd Justin Soule

4th Robby Bell

5th Gary Sutherlin

6th Bobby Garrison

7th Destry Abbott

8th Ryan Abbatoye

9th Josh Strang

10th Rhett Urseth

Sunday’s Race:

Today’s race was an hour and a half, and just as hot as yesterday. I was pretty beat after yesterday, and my game plan was to not push it as hard early so I had enough in me for the last ½ hour. When the gate dropped I had another awesome jump and this time I didn’t spin when I hit the dirt (I learned my lesson). I was 2nd right behind Brown. Sutherlin put a good pass on me out in the desert. Then I saw Taylor right on me, and I didn’t want to hold him up since he was going for the win. I stayed with the group for the first two laps, but the pace was super fast and I thought it would be too much to try and make it the whole time. I backed it down and just tried to find smooth lines. About ½ way into the race I think I was in 6th and stopped for a splash of gas. Right after that Abbatoye was riding really well and made a pass on me, which bumped me back another spot. Then later I found out Brown was having some issues, which bumped me back up to 6th. I saw there were only two laps to go, and felt way better then I thought I would so I tried to catch back up to Ryan. When the checkered flag came out I was 3-seconds short of 5th and pretty bummed with the way today’s race went.

Sunday’s Pro Results (top 10):

1st Taylor Robert

2nd Bobby Garrison

3rd Gary Sutherlin

4th Robby Bell

5th Ryan Abbatoye

6th Destry Abbott

7th Rhett Urseth

8th Corey Floyd

9th Justin Soule

10th Mike Brown

Overall Summary:

Saturday’s race I felt I was a lot more aggressive and pushed it the whole time, but was pretty beat at the end. I tried a different strategy for Sunday’s race but it didn’t work and I don’t feel like I rode as well. I started where I wanted to, but should’ve kept pushing it to see if I could’ve stayed up front for the whole race. I did keep it on two wheels the entire time and that’s always a good thing! It still felt awesome to be back out there racing with the boys and I feel my speed is still pretty good!

Other Notes:

Here’s Spencer Robert’s awesome video with my voice over from the race!

Here’s another good video from the race

If you’re looking for a free vacation with my family and want to win a new Teryx4 this is something you need to check out. This is an awesome thing Kawasaki is doing and it’s going to be a great time!

It’s not to often I get to have big local races. I had a lot of family and friends that showed up, and that was awesome to have them out there cheering me on!

Big thanks to the Guys at Thor (James) for hooking my son up with some race gear. I was racing with the vented stuff and it worked awesome and was a must in the heat!

Cooper pulled off a 4th Sunday morning and is really starting to look good. I plan on letting him race a lot more now, but just wanted him to get better before he went out there and pushed it.

The Kawasaki guys were awesome all week and a huge help. They also had a great showing and 9 out of the top 10 pros were on Kawasaki’s! Definitely the bike to be on!

Photos from Kelsey Abbott, Mike Farmer, and Joe Colombero.

My next race will be in just over a week for the opening round of the Endurocross series (in Vegas). It’s the day before the final SX event in Vegas. Hope to see you guys there!

Best Wishes,

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