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Motorcycle suspension needs regular service to perform at its best, and while the usual jobs of changing seals and fluid are relatively simple, the unusual shapes of a motorcycle fork or shock make them difficult to work on. If any readers have tried to change a fork seal with a standard bench vise, you will know what I am talking about. The only parallel surfaces on a fork are where the axle passes through, and that is the only place to secure a fork in a traditional bench vise. This means that the parts you need to access are above your head! It can be done, but what a hassle!

In the past, specialized suspension tools and fixtures were expensive, and took up a lot of bench space. This meant that these kinds of tools were the exclusive province of professional suspension technicians, who could afford to create a special work space and invest a lot of money in tools.

Now Motion Pro has introduced the Pivot Suspension Vise, which is a compact and efficient way to securely hold fork and shock components, and doesn?t take up much bench space at all. The best part is the Pivot Vise is affordably priced, making it possible for the DIY enthusiast to be able to add suspension service to their work space at home. At the same time, the Pivot Vise has all the features needed by the most discriminating professional.

The heart of the Pivot Vise is the rotating jaws, which can be quickly locked into many positions via a pin, and also features a locking bolt which enables infinite and solid positioning. The CNC machined jaws will hold parts from 14mm to 69mm, and the aluminum jaws will not mar the finish on your components. The huge range of adjustment means that you can hold small diameter shock shafts for working on piston heads or valving, and then quickly reconfigure it to securely hold the largest diameter fork outers.

The Pivot Vise also features a moveable catch tray for fluids, with a drain bung for overflow to a catch container when needed. The sliding stop bar under the vise jaws will support the fork bottom when needed, and can quickly be slid or rotated out of the way. A support bar can be installed on the top of the inside vise jaw to hold the fork bottom away from the fork tube, easing seal installation.

The main frame of the Pivot Vise is tubular steel, which is extremely rigid for proper support, and when not in use, the whole assembly takes up less than 10? of bench space. The base includes four pre-drilled holes for easy and secure mounting to your workbench. The back of the frame has an alternate mount for the drain pan, with a support ring to hold disassembled components to allow for proper fluid drainage before reassembly.

Every suspension service task was considered when designing the Pivot Vise, and it truly is a ?start to finish? suspension tool that will make any job involving forks and shock as easy as possible. Check out the details at or contact your Motion Pro Representative for more information.

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