Featured Product - Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 Psi

Getting the best performance from your tires requires maintaining them at the optimal tire pressure.  Professional tire technicians rely on the Motion Pro Digital Gauge to help them do that.  With a 0-60psi range, high quality components, and an anodized billet aluminum body, the Motion Pro Digital Tire Gauge is the best gauge available anywhere. The LC display is visible in any light conditions, and it is also backlit, for low light conditions. The display can be set to read in PSI, BAR, KG-CM2 and kPa and reads down to tenths of any of the selected pressure units.

The Motion Pro Digital Gauge has an accuracy of 1% over the entire pressure range of zero to sixty psi. That means that this gauge is accurate to within 0.6psi. Since the gauge is completely electronic, that accuracy is linear across the range, not like a bell curve of accuracy you will see with analog mechanical gauges. Unlike standard analog gauges, there are no parts that can be damaged by over pressurization.  The gauge zeros automatically each time it is powered on, so you can be sure of accurate results every time and a user selectable auto on feature automatically turns the gauge on when it is pressurized.

At a suggested list price of $98.99, the Motion Pro Digital Gauge packs the accuracy and features demanded by professional tire technicians at a price that is affordable to serious riders who want the best performance out of their tires and know that proper pressures are critical to that performance.