First Race Back - Cameron Gish


So as some know I got pretty hurt at the Infineon AMA round in May. I broke my pelvis in 8 places, broke a vertebrae in my back, and tore my ACL. After having surgery to fix my pelvis I started a pretty long recovery. I had an external fixator for 8 weeks and didn't walk for 11 weeks. This past weekend at Infineon was my first race back and first time on a bike other then a 1 day track day on a stock bike the week before. During the weekend I was a little disappointed, I struggled with speed, I got tired really easily, I had another small crash. I finally ended the weekend with a 2nd in 600 production from the back of the grid and some decent times from the 750 race I ran off in earlier in the day. It was the toughest weekend of racing I've ever had other then the AMA weekend. 

I felt like I faced a lot of criticism for racing so early and the speed and quality of which I did so. Looking back on the weekend I probably did come back to soon, I wasn't ready for multiple reasons, but I told myself back when I was still Injured that if it was possible to race before the end of the season I wanted to do it at Infineon. I wanted to over come the left over fear I had of racing at the track that gave me the fear. Overcoming these obstacles were more important to me then results, lap times, or riding style. 

Now I've known people who have gotten permanently injured and had close friends die doing this sport. I consider myself really lucky that I was able to recover and extremely grateful. So why exactly was I disappointed at how the weekend went? Why wasn't I just happy to be alive, let alone race? It's so easy being a teenage racer to get caught up in the moment and forget all about what I had been through to be back racing this past weekend. And it wasn't until yesterday when I was making a video for a sponsor that I had to look through pictures and videos of the accident that I realized what I had been through. Then finally I started feeling much more proud of my accomplishments this past weekend, not only as a racer but as a human being. I will not only get back to where I was but better as a racer soon, and I can't wait to make the great group of family, friends, and sponsors around me really proud.

-Cameron Gish #31