Kawasaki Noyes Camp Team Lands Podiums at First Round of Dirt Track Rodi Cup

The first test of the Dirt Track Rodi Cup was played at the circuit Rufea, famous for being the oval where Marc Márquez trains and where this new era of dirt track that is firing more and more pilots and followers originated.

Adrian Garin, which starts this year his second season of Dirt Track and compete in the Open, had a good performance to be among the top positions in all its sleeves and getting directly into the final. He had the pace to finish on the podium but had several touches out with other riders remaining in the chase group which made a bold career and finally got the 7th place scoring valuable championship points.

In the category Promo both Kawasaki riders Noyes Camp premiered in this discipline and both drivers went out in order to gain experience and learn. In the case of Rufea Alex Ros it was his first race in general was low to achieving a third place play-off and standing at the gates to enter the final.

Ferry Sastre meanwhile had an impressive debut starring great comebacks on their sleeves and using his greater cornering to overtake on the outside several times. In the end he was fighting in the leading group and crossed the line in KX250F third position a few centimeters of the second, thus achieving a podium in his first race of Dirt Track.

Kenny Noyes Team Manager:

I 'm very happy with how it went Rufea . Our team is unique in that the three drivers who are with us are also monitors in our courses of Camp Noyes . Adrian has taken a first step towards qualifying for the Superprestigio and I think that during the year will continue to progress and be on the podium. Ferry and Alex are running on the KX250F Promo and proved that the bike is competitive. The objective was to gain experience for both drivers but Ferry has surprised us and if it continues will likely pass the Open before finishing the year.

Adrian Garin - 7th Open :

We've been ahead in workouts and sleeves. I am satisfied with the way I've given this year as a pilot and with the new bike. The final has been tough and very physical. We have achieved a good result but with a better first lap would have been higher. Good thing you 're there.

Ferran Sastre - 3rd Promo:

I did not expect this result because I had made a Dirt racing with KLX140 but never with a big bike . I am very happy and eager to take over the bike and keep improving ... to see how far we can go.

Alejandro Ros - 3rd Repechage :

Removing social stress tests Vespa, this was the first race! I have betrayed some nerves and just off I had a fall. Then I was improving step by step and in the playoffs left me one position going into the final. I want to thank the team and my family for their support in this first experience, now it keep learning.