KTM Heim Joint Tool, 08-0434


1. Remove shock, inner fender mud flap, andbrake line clip.
2. Remove inner shock bushings from both sides of heim joint. Occasionally, the inner shock bushings will become frozen in the heim joint due to corrosion. If this is the case, use a drift punch to knock them free as shown in the pictures above.
3. Remove right heim joint seal using a seal puller or a flat blade screw driver. When removing the seal be careful not to scratch the inside of the shock mount boss.
4. Place the bearing extractor on the handle and insert through the center of the heim joint. Drive the bearing out using a mallet.
5. Carefully clean the inside of the swing arm bearing surface using fine scotch-brite and contact cleaner to remove any burrs or corrosion.
6. Place the new bearing onto the bearing extractor and then into the installation adapter with the recess facing the bearing. Then insert handle into Installation adapter as shown.
7. Place a light coat of grease or assembly lube on both the bearing and the bearing extractor to prevent damage during the installation. Rotate the flat portion of the installation adapter so it is aligned with the flat on the shock mount boss. Using a mallet, drive the bearing into the boss until it is fully seated against the installation adapter.
8. Using the extraction adapter, carefully install the new seals until they are flush with the sides of the shock mount boss.
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