Light Weight Chain Breaker and Chain Press Tool, 08-0358

Motion Pro is dedicated to producing the most versatile, unique and durable tools in the motorsport industry. The tools we design are made to exact tolerances with the highest quality materials and workmanship. They are designed to withstand years of use when used properly. We stand behind our tools 100% for material and workmanship. Please take the time to read the following instructions before using your T-6 Chain Tool, care should be taken whenever working with or around any type of machinery.


1) Chain breaking: In order to insure long life of your chain breaking extractor pin the following measures should be taken when breaking your chain.
a) Back out the extractor bolt #7 until the extractor pin #9 is recessed from the face of the body bolt #8, 1 to 2mm.
b) Tighten the body bolt #8, clamping the chain between the bolt and the anvil.
c) With the extractor pin and chain link pin in line, tighten the extractor bolt until the chain pin is pushed completely through the chain link.
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