Motion Pro Cable Lube

Cable maintenance is an important service task on a motorcycle, but cables are often one of the most neglected components on a bike. Luckily, Motion Pro makes it easy to maintain cables, and the job adds almost no time to your regular maintenance routine. Cables should be cleaned and lubed at least a couple of times during a riding season to keep them in top shape, and more often if you are riding in dusty or dirty conditions.

Motion Pro Cable Lube was developed and refined over many years and features a special blend of rust inhibitors and "best of the best" Redline Synthetic oil to perform the lubricating function. Our unique cable lube blend protects and lubricates your cables in any conditions and won't loose effectiveness in hot weather and won't gum up in cold weather.

Using the Motion Pro Cable Lube is a simple job. It's even simpler when used with the Motion Pro Cable Luber, which is designed to make maintaining your cables a snap. Simply disconnect the cables from the throttle or clutch lever (refer to a service manual for specific procedures here), and attach the Cable Luber to the top of the housing around the inner wire. Then insert the tube from a can of Motion Pro Cable Lube to the Cable Luber and several shots of cable lube is all that is needed.

The Motion Pro Cable Lube and Cable Luber should be a staple in any garage for regular maintenance on bikes and ATVs. 


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