Motion Pro Goes to Camp

  When Danny Walker invited me out to American Supercamp in Calistoga, I barely let him finish his sentence before I said yes. Many of my friends, coworkers and fellow racers have talked about the school before, and had nothing but good things to say.

  After watching SX San Diego on TV the night before and seeing a couple of Motion Proís supported riders continue to dominate, I felt good about the weekend. I woke up extra early Sunday morning and rolled into Calistoga in the Motion Pro Sprinter (see picture above). It was a cold, wet weekend but I knew that Calistoga was covered and Supercamp had the big awnings out. 

  After breakfast I rolled into the fairgrounds to begin the day. Mind you this was the ìRacer Campî, so after a short introduction and basics on what we are looking at improving on over the weekend, we got straight into riding. The Yamaha TTR125ís provided were setup with a knobby front and street-rain rear, which had incredible traction at times, but zero when it got muddy.  They are easy to ride, but are quick to show your riding flaws when Jake Gagne or one of the other instructors blows past you.

  Both days were filled with a perfect balance of riding and instruction. Just when you thought Danny Talker wouldnít stop explaining the next drill, you were already laid out in the mud because you didnít listen well enough.  To assist Danny, the Feb 7-8th camp had guest instructors Josh Hayes(AMA SBK #1), Jake Gagne(AMA DSBK #1 Plate), Jayson Uribe(BSB), Josh Serne, Michael Carder, Austin Luczak, and Logan Hahnke.

  It was amazing how much I learned in a two-day camp.  When I showed up I thought I was an okay rider, but I left knowing how much I still have to learn. I want to thank American Supercamp, the crew, fellow attendees, and Mike Doran for taking photos all weekend.

Written by Jon Mullins 2-17-15