Motion Pro Sponsored Greg Hancock Makes Steps in The Right Direction at The Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff. The 2014 Speedway World Champion Currently Sits 3rd in Overall Points

Greg believes some positive steps were taken this weekend as he added 12 points to his Speedway Grand Prix total in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium at the 2015 British Grand Prix.

45,000 fans packed into the Welsh national stadium and Greg was looking to defend the title he won there last year, but bowed out at the sem-final stage with a 12-point haul.

Despite his disappointment at not reaching the podium, GH was still pleased with a good weekend’s work, “For me it was another step in the right direction, we got 12 points and I’m happy with that. 

“Of course as a racer you always want more, I was bummed out to miss the final but we’re taking a few more baby steps and the consistency is starting to come back. We were happy with how it went and we’re moving forwards for sure.”

Greg always receives a great reception from the British fans and this year was no different, he added: “I really feel like one of their own when I go to Cardiff, the reaction in the Fan Zone was amazing and then the reaction I get from the fans when my name is called on parade, it’s just amazing.

“It gives you such a warm feeling but you’ve got chills at the same time, you can’t really describe it. It’s just so cool to get such a great reception and know that all the effort and hard work is completely worth it, so I’ve got to thank my fans because they were great.”

The one-off, custom-made race suit this round was a patriotic nod to American Independence Day, but also a tribute to the late Darren and Sharon Boocock who passed away seven years ago on Saturday.

The suit will be auctioned off and all proceeds will go to Jack Boocock, the son of Darren and Sharon, and Greg explains why he was so keen to give a tribute to his dear friends.

“Darren was a friend since my teens, he used to come to the US a fair bit when he was racing and travelling with his family and my first year in England he was with me the whole step. He showed me the ropes, what to do and not to do – good and bad – and he played a really active role in my life and career right up until the day he passed away.

“He used to ring me and when I saw the number flash up on my phone I’d think ‘what does he want now?!’ but now I’d give anything to see that number again.

“As soon as the date for Cardiff was announced I knew I wanted to do something as it fell on the anniversary, so myself and Tai (Woffinden) spoke about it and decided to have something on our kevlars. It was a small tribute but something I really wanted to do.”

The suit will be auctioned on the Team Hancock Racing eBay site this week so keep your eyes peeled on and @TeamHancock on Twitter for details.