Motion Pro Sponsored Javelin Broderick #814, Rider of the ZAG Racing MV Agusta, Shares His Road America Supersport Race Report

Greetings to our fans, friends and family!

To kick off this rather late email report, we would like to begin by welcoming Motion Pro to the team ( We have worked with Chris and the team at MotionPro before and we are delighted that they have decided to return to the team and help us out with quality tools and parts to support our effort! It will certainly make a big difference to our team.

Road America is undoubtedly the toughest race on the calendar for most teams in MotoAmerica. Its what we all refer to as a "horsepower track" meaning that no matter how good your rider actually is, it won't add up to sack of beans without lots and lots of HP! The circuit has three, yes three extremely long straightaways where powerful engines can literally drag race you to the next corner and for developing teams such as ours, its frustrating to see all the top teams putting single weekend engines into their bikes and then removing them after the weekend is done. We had very little hope of accomplishing much at this track but racers race so we pushed on!

This weekend also had a few twists to it that were very uncommon for us. It marked the first race on the calendar for Savannah to work with the team and also the first weekend that I would not personally be able to attend - at least not the first two days. This would prove to be both stressful and amazing at the same time. Because our other crew member Jesse was also unavailable that weekend, we brought back our boy from 2012 to help Savannah. Korey O'Conner worked with us during our 2012 AMA Campaign and was more than willing to come back and help us at this round. I thought that things would hum along rather smoothly and I would join the team on Saturday to help but that was so short sighted it wasn't even funny. Let me tell you all about it. 

Of course I was in constant contact with the team getting the rig staged, getting through practice and Q1. Weather had become a factor and we couldn't have been happier. This is not to say that Jav is only good in the rain, what it means is that all the extra horsepower in the top teams bikes would be somewhat neutered as the rain prevents them from using it as much as in the dry. Rain favors the rider that is smooth and consistent so we knew this would help us. Jav qualified in the dry pretty far back on the grid but we knew this would be the case here. Rain was in the forecast and we just felt that he could make up some positions if the race was declared wet. 

On Saturday morning as I was traveling to the track, I got the news I did not want to hear. Javelin had high-sided during Q2 in the wet. Very sketchy details and not a lot of communication from the team which I would learn was for a very good reason. Jav had crashed pretty hard. He was OK personally but the bike was badly damaged around the front end and needed a lot of repairs if they were going to make it to the first race that was only an hour away from the time the bike was brought back to our pit. With zero knowledge of the MV Agusta F3, Savannah and Korey worked their tails off, pulling parts off the incomplete A bike in the trailer and tearing into every parts box they could find. It was raining, it was cold and it was miserable but these two simply refused to give up and Jav rolled away with a repaired bike. By the time he got to the hot pit lane, he realized that things were definitely not right with the bike. Something about the handlebars turned one way and the front wheel turned the other? We would later discover that the lower triple clamp was bent mis-aligning his steering. In a fit of panic, the team managed to twist the wheel enough to get it more or less straight. Not only would Jav have to start last, he would have to start from pit lane, 4 seconds behind the last rider.

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It must be horrible to sit there and watch the entire field go by while you are held waiting but when he was finally released, he was on a bender! It didn't take long for his wet weather instincts to kick in and he caught up to the back of the pack and began the push towards the front. After several passes and some attrition at the front, Jav brought the bent motorcycle home in 7th position, our best finish to date! A few hours later I arrived at the track and it took hours for the team to download everything that had happened to them. I cannot tell you how proud I was of our crew and how they pulled off the mini miracle without any prior knowledge of our machines. The comments from the surrounding teams in our area were "amazing", "can't believe they pulled it off" etc. We even got a visit from the FIM Technical Director who was truly amazed at how the team endured so much to get back out on the track. This is something I am truly proud of.

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We spent the rest of the day and night in extremely cold, wet conditions completely rebuilding the bike back to original spec using whatever spare parts we had left. By the time the lights went out, it was ready to go for morning warmup in preparation for race number two!

Sunday came with sunshine but also cold and windy conditions. It didn't seem to matter to anyone on the team though. It was certainly better than what they had endured on Saturday. Unfortunately, the sunshine also meant we had lost our wet weather advantage and we all knew that race 2 would be tough. 

Things panned out pretty much the way we predicted with Jav heading into T1 dead last but by the end of the first lap, he had managed to get in front of the other MV Agusta F3 in the field who seemed to be struggling in the dry as well and he started to chase down two riders who were glued together right in front of him. By lap 4 it looked like he had a piece of these two but try as he might he was unable to close the gap. He did manage to stay in front of the other F3 to the finish and was handed a position as one rider ran out of fuel on the very last lap. 

So our results were P7 in the wet and P11 in the dry - Not a bad result all things considered. The teardown was pretty interesting as we saw all the top teams stripping all the engines out of their machines. It was clear we were up against a fight that we simply could not win but I think the results are admirable and it is this kind of perseverance that we all love to cheer for in racing. Underdog, against the odds and all that!

The team now heads to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. This is a tighter more technical track that should really help us with our results. When the tracks are shorter and more technical, our bike begins to shine and it won't be long now before we have the full racing kit installed and we should be able to push harder in the dry. Oh, and rain is forecast in Birmingham too! After Barber, we head to Miller and then Laguna Seca, two tracks that Javelin has raced many times before and we have always been good at. I am very interested to see the results of those two rounds more than any this year. 

We are mid-season now and we are in desperate need of sponsor support to continue on for the rest of the season. We are offering very competitive prices to be on our team for the reaming 5 rounds of the series so we are putting the word out to please contact us for a great deal on sponsorship with the team.