Motion Pro sponsored Noyes Camp Update

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Kawasaki Team drivers Noyes Camp left the penultimate race of Rodi Dirt Track Championship with results below expectations but with great enthusiasm and desire to finish the summer season at the next event in Castellnou de Seana September 5 . 

OPEN Adrian Garin (KX450F) went from less to more, fighting for the top positions and winning the fourth set qualifying with a bye to the Super Final. He placed fifth in the early laps of the final until a red flag forced to restart the race. The new sixth but rolled out Adrian had a touch with another rider and went down but managed to climb up to tenth place. 

In Category Promo Ferran both Sastre (KX250F) and Alejandro Ros (KX250F) had many problems at the entrance of the curves for the track conditions. For both it was his second race and though Alexander did not qualify for the Final proved to have great grip on the sleeve of repechage. Ferran meanwhile, and despite the bad luck in the qualifying heats, got a bye to the final but their options were dashed in the first lap when another rider collided with him and finally was eleventh.

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Adrian Garin - 10th Open:

In training we got put up the bike despite the track conditions. In the final qualifying sleeve I got out well, take a comfortable lead and win, and assuring direct passage to the Super Final. It was filming with more rhythm fifth and both drivers brought forward when the red flag. In the new boot out bad and although I was in the leading group a touch with another driver took me to the ground. I was able to track and trace up to tenth place to get some valuable points. 

I know Kenny is with me and had good tips and Pep Toni, I am so very happy with the team and with all the enthusiasm in the world championship race last summer. 

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Ferran Sastre - 15th Promo:

We come from a good race with a third place in Rufea and expect to be at the same level here, but we have a dry and bumpy circuit and it was very difficult to get the bike into the curve. Here I rode more aggressively but without achieving our goal. I'm sure in the last race of the championship back to enjoy and delight the public with sleeves and exciting racing as we did in Rufea.

Alejandro Ros - 4th Repechage:

For the timesheets cost us to find the set-up of the bike for the track conditions but for the qualifying heats I started to find more comfortable and although the bad starts perjudicaro I got two sixth, two bedrooms and finally a fourth in the repechage .Albi I leave with a bad taste but this year is to learn and hope to do better next September 5 in Castellnou de Seana.

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